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  1. zoomckng

    New Wave!!!

    u know the funniest thing. its that u score the 350z to answer your own question on whether its here or not
  2. zoomckng

    GT Mid April Haul

    wow another wave is in. nice cars. congrats
  3. zoomckng

    hari ahad haul

    couple of black enzos and an upside down error card mini beetles r from trades thx for looking
  4. wow thats a nice vette. and the blue gtb
  5. nice score mr.art. how i wish all 7-11s are like that
  6. its going to be Dark of the Moon soon la congrats on the haul
  7. congrats on the great shortcards haul.
  8. nice mods there sir. they all have nice shoes now
  9. zoomckng

    New Wave!!!

    nice score KT. love those shortcards. M3 looks much better in white. LoL the hummer almost cant fit inside the shortcard
  10. nice score sir. congrats. cant wait for this wave
  11. zoomckng

    from tesco

    nice haul sir. congrats
  12. dont compare like that la u in spore earning dollar ma? ringgit for a ringgit. dollar for a dollar. your car is still cheaper than msia
  13. wait for price to drop. maybe 10-12 for vintage/garage. 19.90 is jz killer at least in spore jz 9.90
  14. haha uncard straight away during lunch. anything happen when u go pass 88km/h?
  15. lol i dah lama bayar lah..YU5H!!! Sendiri merah pun tak tahuke!
  16. yalor x tau bila nk sampai ni. maybe kat port klang, belum clear lagi custom
  17. anyway raymond nice stuff there. u might wan try at lowyat.net. i know there is a big hardcore group of football kit collectors. they will be able to appreciate it more. jz a suggestion
  18. anyone try bring the delorean to 88 miles per hour. and see if can go back in time bring some banana for refuel
  19. thx hwbet. we malaysians are proud of this masterpiece. nobody do a better bang-up jobs like us
  20. abg sahama. i take from peg la. i dunno how to taichi them to let me into their storeroom. i havent reach that level yet
  21. u talking about lucky. i remembered someone won a big prize at annual dinner.....
  22. wah nice hauls there. good la we r not missing any cars. the 2nd colour of 2010 cars also we r getting. bad thing is wallet getting dryer
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