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  1. haha lawak la mr.sahama
  2. shouldnt replace megan fox with this girl. other than that shld be a almost perfect movie
  3. tipu 1. same color with mainline release. put la other color and some tempo.
  4. haha dunno wat happen, jz wan edit then double posted. how to delete post?
  5. yea coventry got the british motor museum. thats where the record breaking SSC 1 and SSC 2 thrust car located. inside there got real delorean and also a huge 1:64 scale cars display. but they r more to kotak mancis kaki
  6. nice garage ferr. dunno when we be getting them
  7. zoomckng

    Rukun Tetangga

    break in is still ok. jz lose out money, etc. but wat i hate most is snatch theft, robbery, rape, etc. we must coperate to bring the numbers down. some neughbours jz stay in own house and dun even chip in for the safety of taman. so called educated ppl redzy: puchong where? me kinrara. for hw hauling need permission from alfa
  8. nice on KT. and after the fair treat urself to a nice kebab meals
  9. zoomckng

    Rukun Tetangga

    last time stay in kg. pandan got join. had too bcos too many car jackings n snatch theft. neightbour got his car jacked, not onli that those stupid rempit hit him many times on the head with a crowbar. 22 stitches across the head. now in puchong the taman got hired full time security team. guess no more active. jz active in paying monthly security fee
  10. i see matchbox spirit in this little hotwheels
  11. i think bcos they dare to try. i remember back in my children days no one would buy hw bcos of their crazy design n colouring scheme. matchbox was the craze. but look at them now. new design, new colours, anything goes really. thats why they r so successful today.
  12. and they will always be green on the pegs
  13. and equipped with few fluorescent marker, mr. sahama is set for 2011.
  14. great haul sinclair. hope to see those garage cars on pegs very soon. and i think most of forumer here might not know who is magnum pi LoL and yes that was his horse
  15. nvr thought a pickup truck can pwnnt all other cars. even streamline racers. congrats to da bear
  16. nice garage cars. can only go shopping saturday see that almost all TRU n jusco are stocked with the new series
  17. happy CNY everyone and happy holidays. drive safe and best regards to the family.
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