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Everything posted by zoomckng

  1. VVIP will come the last. And sit in the centre most table
  2. 4th annual dinner is just few days away. why this forum so quiet?
  3. i hope this list is not sitting chart. i dont want sit next to uncle yap and zedd
  4. where is the indonesia list? I've already paid. I'm going as msian indonesian participant since ticket already sold out.
  5. thunt is green stripe. this is called 'logo car'
  6. Happy bday mr Chen. One free Lego set for u.
  7. Now Lego hunting season bro. Wait till next month.
  8. Check out page 29 for an error. And few page before
  9. Got the black mystery 250 for u
  10. White teenagers with Afro?
  11. I'm from super mario bros era. And that up up down down left right select start game.
  12. Mom add on FB to show that she cares
  13. zoomckng

    Suka suka Haul

    great haul abg sahama!
  14. one will not be enough. keep few for future trade. i see alot of ppl dying to trade this off
  15. Atom help clears up old stock at MV. Now we can see new stuff. Maybe Atari nostalgia series
  16. Errrr.... More like red marker pen and whole lot of free time.
  17. and let it sit for another 1-2 years?
  18. Sahama Sr + Sahama Jr = Solid Hunting Partnership. mcm mana mau ceh len
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