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  1. Huileng you got collect meh? Cheers and happy hunting, I love those rabbit family but cant afford lar.. alar, gals like cute cute things mar... I collect Barbie!! and its from Mattel too.. imagine how much i spend for Mattel every year, now plus with my bf.. hmm > and do hassan know u got a BF?
  2. these stuff not cheap. look at the goreng-ed prices.
  3. abg sahama, u dont collect ferrari. can pass me the ferrari.
  4. Check out the Yummy Goodies from this convention Further casting and convention stuff from the link: http://www.hwmexicocollector.com/
  5. already wish in FB, but no response. wish again here.
  6. frank's hamil? dunno how that can happen
  7. zoomckng

    Ecto Smecto

    it came from malaysia
  8. zoomckng

    Summer Smash 5

    apply extra credit card its raya time
  9. zoomckng

    Ecto Smecto

    Credits: If you are not blind, you will see that this pic come from thunted blog. Thanks
  10. zoomckng

    Summer Smash 5

    long time no post in HWCM. how is everyone? looks like the famous Rhode Island is coming back with their fifth convention. check out the sneak peeks. http://summersmashri.com/sneek.html Credits: To hassan, for inspiring me in putting this story to the general public.
  11. nice scooby snacks packaging. im guessing they will be stuff inside for us to shake-shake i hope they will make a 1:64 he-man dragbus after the bigger scale
  12. sorry leh bro ! i just found 1 pc only ! c if i can find extra i will let u know ok ! huileng is not a bro. yellow card.
  13. alot of silent collectors here waiting for hunting info. real or not real also they will go LoL
  14. happy birthday to mr ronald. we need see more of your VHTFs
  15. long time never see atom at gathering. no atom no video
  16. i just hope you dont mean this literally..... i think he means it.
  17. local guy selling it. btw is he giving out wrong info on the ebay? says it convention piece made of 50? should be TRU free gift. 50,000. LoL
  18. wah nice cars....msian wave is not moving. water pipe is closed
  19. bad news. drag bus double bolted. cant be opened good news. with this new mold, chances of us seeing it on mainlines are very high
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