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  1. looks very odd in all plastics. hopefully the base will still be metal. 39.90 per pack is not that cheap, lets see
  2. wah fuhrer got a pretty girl
  3. aiyohh..ada variation plak... this is hotwheels collecting. the only kind of hobby where we look forward to re-colours of the same thing. over and over again.
  4. Found these at Tesco 16.90 a pop. tunggu apa lagi....
  5. thank you for starting almost every thread for all the birthday boys and girls here
  6. Please click on this link http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Mattel-Hot-Wheels-Redline-Blue-Enamel-Ford-J-Car-Blister-Pack-MOC-red-line-/330724674266?pt=Diecast_Vehicles&hash=item4d00ba0ada
  7. zoomckng

    New DC Universe?

    much better than the 1st wave. nice
  8. happy birthday to abg sahama!
  9. he wished for a few inches longer tho.. really hard he did... my bday wish. every year
  10. zoomckng

    haul of the day

    nice DB pair. last year mexico got so many dragbus, its crazy. also i noticed its not being endorsed by Mattel anymore. From code 2 drop to code 3?
  11. i thought we are already in the bandwagon. and you are in longer than most of us
  12. mini sets SOLD convention DD SOLD GMC motorhome SOLD flying custom DD SOLD Pope design DD reserved Thunt shelby reserved
  13. Got few items to clear. Can PM if interested. Thanks 9th Annual Convention Dairy Delivery for Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood. With RealRiders. 22nd Annual Collectors Convention GMC Motor Home for Hot Wheels designer Otto Kuhni. With RealRiders. Here are other carded hot wheels for sale.
  14. wah nice. shld have grab the mini pack also
  15. atom short video is good. keeps it short so u will wan MOARRR!! anyway his video is the best. seldom i see short videos can be so catchy.
  16. this will suits card collectors like hassan perfectly
  17. thanks mr ckh. have a nice day
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