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  1. tesco puchong. aii sakit hati tengok...
  2. huhu sale starts tmr for RLC member. 19.99usd a pop.
  3. dont need look for all these kindergarten level kind of error. look for the kawkaw type.
  4. i think so far i can guess with info in hand. there are 3 types of 'secret' car in 2013 line. 1. Super$ with TH 2. Super$ without TH 3. Kotak roti
  5. very exciting 2013 lineup of cars. especially all the hidden* cars
  6. second regular thunt already been revealed !!
  7. can u provide a picture for us to review?
  8. they dont understand the term superised, hidden supers$ or chase. hassan will be having hard time ordering from them
  9. no chance for us to grab this as when juscobanglastockyboy see this green stripe, they will hang it inside storeroom
  10. i think mattel is dropping the term treasure hunts. sorry to all thunt collectors. from now on, all are chase cars. with or without rubber tires.
  11. dont play-play with our gathering by looking at all the poison great video mr atom!
  12. good tshirt makes the wearer looks better
  13. RLC collectors are rich collectors. cant afford to join this club
  14. btw next year every store u went to, tell the promoters u r looking for green stripe. let them keep all of them LoL
  15. Don't worry, I went last Saturday. It's all still there.
  16. zoomckng

    Summer Smash 5

    Video of the gathering last month. Brilliant stuff!
  17. And cover your ears for those who can't take it but. THERE WILL BE NO GREEN THUNT THIS NEXT YEAR. ALL ARE NORMAL CARDED SUPER$!!
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