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Everything posted by zoomckng

  1. we will pay for his dinner ticket if he join
  2. new selling format. pick which card u wan. cashier will give u the cars. new anti theft prevention
  3. nice haul there mr sinclair
  4. hey happy bday bro. have a good one
  5. such a rad ride. the VW van is cool. lets hope for no speed bump
  6. it will be the Dearborn 12th Nationals This is the Drag Truck [/IMG]
  7. life partner? partner of the eliminator (sinclair)
  8. more from kown. i think we were looking for something
  9. looks like hwcm is getting alot of attention out there.
  10. take care bro CKH. sorry to hear about this unfortunate incident. dont worry about other things. family shld always comes first. nothing wrong with that
  11. When everyone wakes up from last night hangover, they can start uploading the pictures
  12. see u later tonight mr. sahama. drive safe. dont worry guys, we will take loads of pics
  13. dont la win the dvd player every year. let other ppl win also
  14. if like this no more hantu2 out there anymore great job daniel, tkt and thunderhawk
  15. zoomckng

    GT Mini Haul

    really heavy haul as CKH says. nice one bro
  16. Dey bro, 100% more than last year le...... last year had more than 80. if 100% it will be 160+ pax so this year dinner is about 40-50% more than last year
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