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Everything posted by zoomckng

  1. yea been clearing most of my TF stuff
  2. i dont interact directly with peasants
  3. wakaka... +1 Happppy birthday bro Zooooomm.. may all your birthday wishes zooomm true thanks brother mave
  4. thanks but could be better if win prize during last dinner
  5. haha thanks. no more taiko stallion now.
  6. thanks abg sahama. and thank you for wishing everyone here in HWCM with a thread
  7. yes i got to meet the great mr kuih tiow!
  8. that pontiac fiero is nice. american that looks like a japanese
  9. happy bday boss@AU keramat
  10. today only got the news? hahaha was already wipe clean since last weekend
  11. first ever mainline basic with rubber tyres.
  12. who? who are the cool guys? I got there all like pasar people only... *runs!* i know we wear shorts and seliparrr. but pls judge us by our HW collections.
  13. nice find there mr atom. guess the staff misses that one hahaha
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