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Everything posted by zoomckng

  1. next year will definite be more. lets keep it up
  2. i still see the Masters of Universe series or a.k.a the series without the DD everywhere
  3. 120pax! thats truly amazing. hope more and more collectors will join. congrats hwcm.
  4. i think local retailers gave up on the vintage/garage series bcos of the poor response. by the way they r throwing those prices to clear them at a loss, i dont think they will be ordering this line anymore.
  5. wow santonie. great work for a great car. mini is our all time favourite
  6. zoomckng

    New Thunt 6/12

    Wait till someone got $uper can i see the super pic pls.
  7. great work on the BS. congrats to all the committee members and customizers
  8. 5.90. i dont complain. but for spare parts also can
  9. i propose we put a countdown clock on top banner or main page. so we can start counting down to the big day http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/customcounter.html?msg=2012+HWCM+Annual+Dinner&month=02&day=18&year=2012&hour=19&min=00&sec=00&p0=122
  10. not bad. this year is mini morris. next year mini challenge
  11. registrachan mail-in promo. send him 20 carded, get one free card back. mystery card
  12. i dont see it mention any 'super' on the catalogs. and its just january and we already have lik 7-8 out. maybe there could be more than 15 this year. lets hope for re-colours of superised TH
  13. tonite gathering ON? nothing much to do
  14. its for free gift when u purchase those Very-Hard-To-Sell tracksets
  15. this is funny thread. maybe we shld have a prize for the person who guess right.
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