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  1. they made the box art design so nice, feels like a waste opening them up they shld have design them with options we can take out the hw and also to store them back in without ripping open any blisters
  2. so many ppl already. i shall expect an influxcapisitor of last minute joiners end of this mth
  3. u brought this last week wat. cool set anyway. try hook it up to the main track. be easier to launch during race than hassan's cardboard idea
  4. zoomckng

    common haul

    found this at an unwanted pile in Popular bookstore no AEM
  5. zoomckng

    common haul

    i invest my ang pau money
  6. haha hapi birthday mr CKH. see u at annual dinner
  7. zoomckng

    common haul

    NHRA all finish, left this only
  8. zoomckng

    Today Package

    wat a haul. 7 superised falcons
  9. all batman 5pack kena sapu-ed already
  10. also look out for impromptu auctions that can take place anytime/anywhere during the dinner. Case study below:
  11. all look so semangat in preparing the cars. cant wait for next mth dinner. should be a blast!
  12. glad to see that our exclusives cars are being appreciated across borders
  13. come on. its time we have a HW Reliant Robin!
  14. .... hablo espanol perhaps.. mua needa panadol
  15. seems like the boulevard series is getting better response than the garage series great haul there bing
  16. chan as usual, your first post i got only 20% information. pls explain more in 2nd post
  17. nice ecto. its more fun when all parts can be opened
  18. happy birthday to the funny car master
  19. nah!! ' while ' at his flea market i think. sorry long time no read this thread but hahahahaha
  20. not sure why they want to have it in this city. i know its famous for the trials of ex-nazi leaders, all executed for war crimes. but enjoy the vid.
  21. collectors de msia great video as always atom. thank you very much
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