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Everything posted by trueno

  1. The Gulf logo is ok. But the cross seems to make it look like a Chevy bow tie logo. Else everything nice.
  2. Got treasure hunt logo.
  3. Damn them thieves!!! Same case as my relative few years ago. Took away all the HW in display case!!
  4. Champion single carded haul man . I only have this 5 pack.
  5. I saw Tolga Trunkov and Tubbs Pacer Airport Mater and Holley at most places. But not Hudson hornet.
  6. Already selling at most Dept stores. And seems to be 2 waves so far. Big wonder if they will continue it and not stop suddenly like they do with everything.
  7. These 2 came in last week. Looks like we have missed TACO mater. I knew this would happen.
  8. Those who bought early at expensive price, must be cursing themselves already. Scalpers are laffing at them.
  9. And strangely, the current purple one does not have opening doors at the back.
  10. Wooo.... shiny. Must fondle and leave grubby finger marks.
  11. trueno

    Bat Fuego !

    Ahhh.... one of the many unreleased prototype batman cars. hehehe.
  12. Woo.... Zamac and ransburg.
  13. Hmmm... the exotic 5 pack 1 new car only. The rest recolor.
  14. Yeah! I always thought the MM looked a little like turtle van!
  15. I saw the price tag, New Yaohan! Wahlao! This place still exist?
  16. Yeah i saw some of the newer cars at TRU also. But no time to see the other places.
  17. Waiting if Taco will ever come make it here..... Spotted Funny car mater & jet mcqueen at AEON just now. Still no new waves.
  18. WTH is that video?!! Its so weird and random!
  19. You should have taken them. It cost a lot now.
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