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  1. I'll see if I can find any pics - I must confess I was never really one for taking pics so they are few and far between, but if I find any kicking around I'll post em up - but Stue looks much Buffer than me
  2. it would be awesome to see Valentino back at his best this year, but I fear that he may have lost that edge - please prove me wrong though Vale cos I still think you are the best rider EVER!
  3. Does that mean you'll be doing long distance - bare bottomed riding???
  4. - Reminds me of a time when I was in the army and my section was out on a run, we passed a mum with her kids in tow and one of them pointed at me and said "mummy - is he a gladiator?" - I felt ten feet tall for the rest of that week!!
  5. Ahhh! - so maybe we SHOULD be buying pink guns then!!
  6. Many thanks to all for the birthday wishes yesterday - alas I didn't sign in though because I was having such a fun-filled day!! , I've been so busy just lately that I don't really spend much time on the forum - sorry!! - I shall make an effort to sign in more regularly
  7. Maybe you could ask if she does room "service" wink
  8. Not RIP from me but Ride Free!, although you were unfortunately taken from us too young, the whole universe is now your playground so ride free and discover what wonders lie out there
  9. I'm sure there are a number of us who did our time as "real bikers" - I was a despatch rider before I joined the army and used to deliver the news videotapes from incident/interview sites to the tv studios when I lived in devon (before the days of the internet!) - including more than once during severe gales that were blowing over trees and lorries!!! - but there comes a time in life when riding in shitty weather starts to seem an unnecessary pastime so I am quite happy to join the ranks of "fair weather bikers" - except when I'm off travelling the country, where getting caught in bad weather is all part of the experience!
  10. Itchy....Mk2 Bandit 600 Rose...Mk2 Honda CBF1000F Day101...GSXR 600 SRAD Gazman...Mk1 600 bandit Davehutch...Mk1 1200 bandit & BSA b40 Tubthumper...MK1 600 Bandit bfg...GSXR 750 WR & CB450DX Fr499y... Z1000, KLE 500 & occasionally FJR 1300 Stuell Mk1 B12 Rizla blue Dick65..YZF1000R Yamaha Thunderace. MADSOD RF 900 & GSXR 1000 K3 stantheman 1250 bandit streetmoto...Triumph Scrambler & Yamaha Fzs600 Fazer sweban...bandit 1250,intruder 1400,GSX 1400 & FZ8 dandan...Triumph Daytona 675 & mk1 b6 richg....mk1 600 bandit & honda c90c & honda vision & honda pc50 onslow yamaha xjr1300 Macie_UK...Triumph TT600 Darkember...VTR F2 Firestorm BanditMike....Mk 2 B12 (sometimes borrow the sons VTR ) Trebor4460... Mrk1 1200 Bandit Firehawk... Your Missus Flange..Hornet 900 Nickerbelly...Kawasaki ZZR1100 D1
  11. I have a vast and eclectic taste in music, all sorts of songs get me "right there" ranging from classical to modern club music!! but if I had to list just some of my favorites then I would go for :- Brian Adams-Heaven/I'm ready(to love you)/Summer of 69 (depending on my mood),Mr Mister-Broken Wings,Prince-Purple Rain,Paul Van Dyke-For an Angel,Jam&Spoon-Be Angeled,DB Boulevard-Different Point of View (remix) As I said - it depends on my mood as to what song gets me going so there's a selection!! - I also really like Tears for Fears, Gary Numan, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode - I could go on for hours
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