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  1. is this the full pinlock system, or just an insert? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NITRO-GMAC-TAKACHI-SYKO-HELMET-N-IRIDIUM-PINLOCK-VISOR-/230633073733?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Helmets&hash=item35b2cd6c45
  2. I have used sunglasses in the past, but i find they give me a headache, more so if i forget to take them off before my helmet!- only done that once
  3. Ayup folks! can any one help me, what is the legality of tinted visors?
  4. viking reenactment, star wars costuming/trooping, Airsoft.
  5. i hope they make a road goin version of this beast
  6. They've been producing bikes for a yaer or so, they've re-done the commando, looks prety sweet! heres the link to their site http://www.nortonmotorcycles.com/
  7. Hope you mean the competion, not Chad selling his body!
  8. axl

    Newest Member

    Ayup, n Welcome aboard!
  9. good news that, The bike looks sweet
  10. axl

    How do!

    ayup, n' welcome
  11. the guy's got 3 bikes, including a 500 bhp Gixer, lucky b*****d! And nads the size of wrecking balls! lol
  12. axl

    ayup folks!

    Getting the bike back on the road at the end of next month. Then its all good
  13. hope you get better soon mate! you could always get a bmw and keep it in 1st gear, that way you could still use the back brake, just not able to ride that quick!
  14. I had a set in my astra, every time i uswed em the mres dissapeared into the foot well! i didnt get embarresed!
  15. nah, u got it all wrong ! think big guys, how about dixie! (dukes of hazzard stylee!) not practical mind, but itll defo turn heads!
  16. RD125LC Jaling Dragon (head hung in shame!) NSR125R CB250 Dream GPX600r
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