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Everything posted by axl

  1. I saw this on holiday in scotland and thought i should share
  2. oooh! nice, she just needs a nice, big, juicy V-twin!
  3. happy birthday ! have a gud en! I hope Stue's not baking you a cake
  4. axl

    Hello boys

    Ayup n' Welcome
  5. Congrats matey, hoe you have many more to come
  6. Can't complain, £73.50 comp, it does pay to have an older bike!
  7. besides, it wouldnt be as cumfy trying to go to sleep on the triples tank! Gud job on the site, to the management and everyone else that makes it work......keep it up!
  8. from what i gather, theyre getting the race bikes working more reliably then releasing road-going versions .
  9. thanx guys, had an ace ride out over lincolnshire wolds,lovin the bike all over again!
  10. She past! Sailed thru! Yipppeeee yipeeee yip yip! Excuse me! Happy blokey, right then, bring me that horizon!
  11. Got to the test center to find they hadn't booked me in. Thankfuly I got here early so they gonna try n get the bike tested, not happy, but on the plus side I loved the ride out here! Ile keep you posted. And thanx for the replies!
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