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  1. Just fitted my new visor, looks ace! Thanx for the help and advice folks See for your-selves! (excuse the piccy, had to take it with my phone)
  2. my brother does that so.... moniack mead? the drink of the reenactor that stuffs like bludy paint stripper!
  3. count down the days before i can get my bike back on the road again (45 to go!)and going a little more insane until it happens!
  4. wait til u get old like me, £75 fully comp!
  5. take some pain killers first mate, that is gonna hurt!
  6. Ayup folks! found this http://www.airfieldridingday.co.uk/default.aspx Looks good, only £55 in advance, or £65 on the day. only stipulation is, you have to know someone currently serving in the MOD to sponsor you.
  7. Thanx guys, i took pix of the bset ones there (slim pickings!) Dave, it started raining here about 12ish -bin raining ever since
  8. thats gud, thanx for the update!
  9. Hope ure feeing better Dave
  10. Was a bit of a disapointment ime affraid. nowhere near as big as last year. took a few pics to show ya, enjoy This beast was all carbon fibre kiddy size chop!
  11. Woundering what colour visor would go with my lid? Wot u guys recon?
  12. hell fire! u must be ill! seriously, take it easy, hope u get better soon matey.
  13. Anyone going? http://www.lincolnbig.co.uk/events/lincoln-bike-fest-2010 it runs from 10 til 4, hope to see some of u there.
  14. ouch, sory to haer about that bud, you need to relax and drink lots of beer! medication depending!
  15. bludy game, 11.62 sec, theres 10 minutes of my life ile never see again! and thank god we dont have a swear box!
  16. thanx guys, ive seen some cool ones on ebay , only question now is what colour! !
  17. Well done to her! , This is where she gains her freedom, and you loose your car!! lol
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