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Everything posted by axl

  1. Great idea. Hawki can drink on my behalf!
  2. It's all to do with todays "diposable society"
  3. that depends on if it starts or not!
  4. axl


    hi there, that bike looks sweet!
  5. great news matey! waht area will you be braodcasting in?
  6. Gotta be Star wars Or Black hawk down
  7. hi there, anyone know if i can fit gpz exhaust on a gpx? or ZZr 600 pipes for that matter?
  8. they want stringing up with a bike chain
  9. gud luck mate, looks nice.
  10. those look sweet bud may i ask where u got em from please?
  11. mine too! in all fairness i did put a 1 tooth smaller front and a 3 tooth larger rear sprocke on while i was in there
  12. sweet deal! dont forget the photos!
  13. hope the weathers nice for ya matey!
  14. pee on the pc ......... nice one airlock!
  15. axl

    leather jeans

    Akito jeans sold! thanx Stan!
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