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  1. oops!, who sez theres no such ting as a free lunch! lol!
  2. axl

    leather jeans

    i was a bat fastard! still am, ish 38" (no offence to any of the "large boned" folk on here!
  3. , but wthen theyve got white and bright orange in em it dont look rite with red splatters all over! tried the soap suds method, prob wasnt doing it rite but it didnt work .so i tried the baby wipes, theyre like new. thanks guys
  4. you have to look out for the speed camera flash just past willingham woods
  5. hi there! ive got a load of scalextric for sale theres 2 banana boxes full of track, 5 cars spare car bits, power packs, controllers some track needs a clean, most is good. vheck the pix out>>>>> Bargain at £50 thanx for looking
  6. axl

    leather jeans

    hi there, ive got 2 pairs of leather jens for sale, Akito mens, gud cond, no scrapes or falls 44"waist Rayven Leather jeans, worn once, ace cond! 44" waist want £30 each. thanx for looking! postage is around £8 - sorry forgot to mention earlier
  7. I've dug out some old leathers that I can fit in to again but I didn't clean em the last time I wore em and theyve still got some flies n dirt on. Wot do u folks recomend for cleaning (inside and out)?
  8. Gud on ya mate! Just take it easy
  9. axl


    love the hains manual stuff
  10. rode to work on my mountain bike- does that count
  11. ooh, and best pressie ever. the wife took the kids out all day so i could watch wsb n bsb................. life dont get better than that!
  12. got an oxford bumbag off my kids! well chuft!
  13. take it as a complement mate, you're doin summot they havnt got the balls to do!
  14. Hmmmmm! Its always the ones you least expect!
  15. your passenger can also collect the kill!
  16. well done matey! did my cbt in the pouring rain with the instructor following behind in his saab!
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