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Everything posted by axl

  1. Cheers guys! I havnt rid a bike in 2 years, so ime dead excited!
  2. bin waiting for this for months, managed to get the money together. im bricking it! dont think theres owt wrong with it (famous last words!) fingers crossed
  3. ide love a sat-nav that told me the right directions!
  4. Cant seem to find any info on setting up me GPX600, any one know owt about em!
  5. nice banner! keep us posted on sticky n patch prices pls
  6. or in lincolnshire , they're the black charred boxes with tyre remnents hanging off em! Normaly i dont condone arson and vandalism, but keep up the good work lads!
  7. axl

    Another victim...

    Ayup n welcome bud!
  8. Heloo n welcome matey, cool vid!
  9. axl

    Hello everyone

    Ayup, welcome n' congrats
  10. nice job matey! gotta love them 2 strokes!
  11. my mate used ved oil in his deisel, smelt like a bludy chipshop driving past, made me feel hungry!
  12. nice one bud! taking mine for mot next friday, then (fingers crossed) she gonna be on the road again. can't wait!
  13. thats great news, i havnt seen beavis n buthead in years!
  14. axl

    Hello All...

    Ayup n welcome matey!
  15. If it's broke, fix it. If ait aint broke turbocharge it! (Tim "toolman" Taylor)
  16. axl


    Ayup n' welcome
  17. gud job matey! she truely is a thing of beauty!
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