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  1. Has to be Triumph Sprint GT. Fantastic value, I've had one for a couple of years now and would not change it.
  2. Triumph Sprint GT / Moto Guzzi V7 Racer
  3. http://www.1off-design.co.uk/index.php Have a look at these, they are just round the corner from me in Dartford, I have seen some of their work and it is really good.
  4. I ride about 10,000 miles a year commuting and about 6,000 miles a year for fun, I have been on a motorcycle since I was 15 (now 55) and apart from the usual falls when I was a young whip-a-snapper I manage to complete about 25 years without a serious accident, then 3 years ago a Polish taxi driver decided to take me out on a roundabout while he was talking on the phone. It took me ages to get my confidence back, but it came and yours will as well. As has been said on here take your time and you will find yourself getting quicker. You have to convince yourself that your mishap was not of your doing, it was external forces. Ride safe, Ride happy.
  5. I agree with your views on the CRT bikes, but like it or lump it I belive it is the way that racing is going to go with a few modifications , maybe a system similar to F1 where a manufacturer supplies engins in chassis built by others, electrics supplied by others etc etc as well as control tyres. I don't think control ECU's are the way forward. At the end of the day it is all down to money and sadly the biggest budget will always have an advantage. Ducati are now boistered by Audi. Will that reflect on thier performance next year? Maybe a merge of the two world championships, that would take some figuring out but as the same company now owns the right;'s to both championships it wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Whatever is decided the bottom line is grids have to be fuller and the racing more entertaining other wise it will disapeear with out a trace.
  6. IMO Pedrosa has escaped again, Honda having Repsol sponsership will want two Spainiards on the bikes, it's all set up nicly for Marquez to make the move to Moto GP. I think the winner out of Cruchlow and Dovi will move up to the full works team, Spies will be let go if results don't improve that will leave the berth free for Bradley, Rossi's future is in his own hands, he seems a tad de motivated at the moment, as for getting Stoners ride that's exactly what he's got now and he can't make it work. I think new rules will be in place for the year after next which will mean that the factories will not be delveloping too much for next year, the trick will be how far the CRT teams can improve.
  7. People who have to change their shoes in supermarket car parks so they can drive home.
  8. People who drive in hats and driving gloves.
  9. This looks like it may be fun view details at www.ridethewave.org.uk
  10. madfatjake


    Hi Pixie and welcome, I am a newbie to this forum as well, but I've had a look round and it seems to be rather good.
  11. madfatjake


    Thanks for the welcomes, and yes jack I always like to swim against the stream a bit.
  12. Most comfortable for me was my Kawasaki GTR1400 with gel seat, went all over europe on it and not a single problem, most uncomfortable was really any of the Harleys I have owned with the standard seats and foot pegs/boards.
  13. madfatjake


    Hello. My name is Peter I live in Dartford and currently ride a Moto Guzzi V7 racer and when "the lump" is out a Triumph Sprint GT, manage to cover about 6-8 thousand miles a year on each bike. I have been riding for the wrong side of 30 years and have owned literally 10's of bikes from out and out sports bikes to the new tall rounder fad. The Triumph is a new edition and should be run in soon ready for our holiday to the Lakes and the Highlands at the end of April. The last bike was a Moto Guzzi Stelvio but I wanted to get back to a "normal" bike hence the Triumph.Found this forum on Facebook had a look and it seems to be a good one, hopefully not as pretentious as some. Look forward to being a member.
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