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  1. I was coming from work this morning and spotted an open mc donalds. I rarely use the place but I was starvin. Got round to the drive through and there was a cue. At 5a.m. sunday morning??!!
  2. I am not bothered about the politics, I am bothered that he can't do it properly from 2 feet away
  3. not long now https://youtu.be/EFG8A-_PgFg
  4. thanks guys. took a couple of days to read the replies. I'll get on the bike and the pain will go away.
  5. in-laws are really outlaws. line them up and shoot them all. this will go on for abit.
  6. sorry for the rant but my bun burner 1500 is up the shitter as well. I guess there's always next year
  7. just walked into kitghen and stepped on a slugg. fort william and inverness not happenninning. numb... shit
  8. nnaaahh!! this weekend will do. Fort william on friday then inverness on sat.
  9. slept nearly all day, back at it (work) tomorrow. [i]t's ok as i will be running off to scotland at the end of the month.
  10. just got in from work. As I was switching the ignition off, I noticed the odometer... 30,000.0 miles dead on.
  11. lucky for some... halfway through my fortnight of nightshifts
  12. i recently got 3 points for speeding. As i was hoping to upgrade from a 650 to 1000cc later in the year, how much is it likely to bump my premiums percentage wise? Am i better off sticking to a 650 for another year or so? Why is everyone so quiet lately?
  13. I am sure everyone has had these moments hopefully not too often. Your are riding along and out of no where you see a potential severe hazard developing. instinctively you hit the hazards and begin evasive maneuvers. A full two seconds afterwards ( an eternity on the saddle) everyone around starts to respond. Then they are an even bigger hazard to you. I only wish I'd had my camera on as I would have loved to review my actions and see if i could have done anything better.
  14. someone at work told me the his missus had booked their christmas do... already???
  15. that may be but dave's thump would still be what the doctor ordered
  16. they are two garmin zumo 550s. A guy at work is buying one off me so alls well that ends well .. if thats what they say
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