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  1. phew!! sniping vultures swooped in and gladly relieved me of sat nav num. 3
  2. they are usually on the daft end like £8 for a dab radio and now and again I have struck a bargain when the bidding ends at 3 a.m. sunday morning, but not this time.
  3. your kind has cost me many a bargain.
  4. you know when you are bidding on ebay expecting to lose just so you can see how much interest an item generates, well seems like i will end up with 3 sat navs.
  5. thanks. I thought I could hear a sucking sound under all the engine noise. I suppose fuel consumption will edge up as well
  6. is there any salvation for an exhaust that is leaking at the manifold? Could it be as easy as a gasket? Can it cause the occasional misfire?
  7. bugger, that was 50. I blame all these night shifts
  8. well. hailifax have refunded me. I thought it was going to be a messy affair. But I have a speeding ticket though the door. 66mph in a 55. Is that within a speed awareness course tolerance or am I getting points/fine? And I saw the bloody mobile van but had been so used to doing 70 on that road I thought I was ok.
  9. a slip road just round the corner he can't see and usually if someone is joining the motorway someone in lane one moves over to lane 2. no way he is stopping in time on a damp road
  10. i just checked my bank account and found a £350 direct debit from a landlords agency I have never had dealings with (homelet bardon). There was a first attempt (direct debit) but there was no withdrawl then a follow up. I spoke to the bank and they have instituted a charge back then passed me on to their fraud team an after an hour of being on hold I gave up. That is obviously convenient because without talking to the fraud dept. it may not be logged on as statistic. More serious is how did homelet bardon get a hold of my details? If it happens again I will be closing that account. Anything similar happened to anyone?
  11. https://youtu.be/Ipw68vQVp8I
  12. https://youtu.be/Cpjcarzjpts
  13. that's nice.... can i come and live with you??
  14. Anyone had virgin media broadband slowdown in the last couple of days? Or was it because i rang them last week and moaned about their charges.
  15. The reason they skipped windows 9 is because they are being outdone by apple who do not name their upgrade software in consecutive numbers but stylish names. So for example a software upgrade that is targeted for gamers would be called windows devil ware or one for the financial sector would be windows empire etc. etc. That ties into the next point. It is very likely windows 10 will be the last one you buy. They may come free in future. The caveat (sic) being you will in future lose your right to decide that you want an upgrade. They will just do it. As the software world is evolving very fast, it gets expensive to keep developing windows 7 security updates for those who like it, windows 8 for those who like it and so on. Remember the uproar when they got rid of windows NT.
  16. I had a similar experience when I was younger. I little chick barely breathing. Nursed it through the night and it lived. Nowadays when I feel like an arse or sorry for myself, I remember that experience and it warms my heart. good try though.
  17. isn't it easier to just throttle and bury her in the garden? disclaimer: I am sure she is a lovely lady.
  18. say , can the "simple hack" be performed on pvr boxes??
  19. sounds like good news for a start. ope you get it.
  20. bumped into this and thought this might be of help
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