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  1. close that, we've had near blizzard conditions yesterday and driving wind and rain today. The only thing out of place was a car on its roof and someone crawling out of it on my way to work. No one stopped and I am guilty as well but I figured if he was crawling, he was ok.
  2. my arse is one way traffic if that clears it up
  3. I have a close friend. His misusus has 4 kids. She is hot. On her 2nd pregnancy, I developed strong sexual feelings for the maam.Did not know why but I did and I felt bad about it. On her 3rd pregnanacy, they came on even stronger and I started rationalising my feelings for which was way wrong. Then heard about some research from California about pregnant women giving off irrisistable pheromones to some men which other women wrongly term as " the glow" when ne is pregnant. Am I a dirty bastart or just a man.??
  4. coming off a night shift this morning, i spotted at least 15 bikes over a 10 mile stretch. Some were even tour laden. Where is everyone going?
  5. wasn't easy with bike cutting out due to fluctuating revs.
  6. I have metzeler tourance. I must say it took about 300 miles for me to feel comfortable with them. I opted for them as I am a slow rider and the possibility of getting 8k plus miles out of them. I have heard people getting 9k miles out of metzelers. Now I am happy with them.
  7. I never read instructions. When a parcel comes in I rip through packaging like a rabid dog and set about fiddling with the item. Then when stuff don't work I pass the instruction to the missus and moan why things are so complicated. Many repairs I effect on the bike will usually include abit of super glue, hacksaw and melting something or the other. I got a new lid recently and purchased a scalar rider bluetooth to go with it. I was not impressed with the speakers so i decided to used the ones from my old helmet. An half an hour later, easing them ( speakers ) out had degenerated into carving knife savagery rendering the helmet unusable. I got them out only to find that I could not use them as they were factory fitted on the old helmet. But that did not matter as I found out after all, the cardo were good enough and all I needed to do was reposition them to directly over my lugs. Maybe I will learn one day.
  8. Good to hear things are turning round for every one.
  9. wow, i have been looking for transducer based equipment for a while. Maybe something that goes around your throat like what special forces use. How clear or loud would you say it was? I wish I could find a place that demos it. I was about to get a scala rider g9x but I will try and find out more about this.
  10. obalanga

    hjc lid

    a nyone on the market for a flip up helmet and an x-large head there is a cracking deal on a black hjc r pha max on ebay. £ 165. Last one left. Comes with a pin lock insert
  11. roughly how long did it take for the fob battery to die smillingjack? I have a meta fitted just to lower my premiums. As soon as I hit the magical 5 years i will have it off as most people I know hate them. And as a mechanic said to me , one day it will fail and that will be a guaranteed recover job.
  12. Anyone use the services of talk talk in particular their broadband? How is the speed? reliability?
  13. I agree dave. My observations are that some people travel at 65 m.p.h. others at 75 mph and others at 90 mph. All these tend to bunch together in their respective speed groups. Trouble is when some one likes 65mph and decides to overtake a vehicle ( usually a laden van or wagon) travelling at 62 -63 mph it may take a good couple of mile to complete the overtake. All the while 75mph and very impatient 90+ mph guys are bunching around you and weaving about. All over sudden you feel very boxed in and vulnerable. At that point I might consider undertaking after which, if the left lane is clear I'd stay in it. If there is no one about, I will stay behind the lane hogger till they are clear.
  14. I don't think I crossed the threads as i was very careful and did it mostly with fingers. I have a couple of days off this week so I will try and have a look at the plugs again may be change them and have a run about and see if that sorts it out. Thanks for the tips and hints guys.
  15. I am in lancashire. Owing to your reply I have been trawling the region to see if I can find anyone cheaper. I will be making some phone calls tomorrow
  16. Not fitting a spark plug properly? Last September I changed the air filter and plugs. It was a very fiddly affair more so because I did not have the right tools and did a bit of improvising. I suspect the compression washer on one plug was never fully seated. Since then I had a very occasional misfire mostly on shut off (throttle) and I may be fooling myself but when I start the bike I have thought there was a sound similar to a leaking manifold. Could that problem possibly have escalated to the point the plug is all together off and affecting my revs? I have occasionally smelled unburnt fuel in a traffic jam. Or am I just making excuses to avoid the dealer's charges?
  17. Further to my fluctuating rev problems, the mechanic synced the throttle bodies the best he could and advised to take the bike to a dealer to be plugged in as he thought there were electrical fueling issues. So go on... tell me what abuses my wallet will be suffering.
  18. Curiously all through this winter there has been a couple of flies buzzing about. Fat ones too seeing as they have no competition. I thought the buggers dies off till late spring. The cat loves eating them though.
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