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  1. In lancashire we have had some snow. Not enough to go out and roll around in but enough to make you shudder at how much ice there will be when temperature drops.
  2. what a steal. I've been after any kind of sidi boot but my wallet offers stiff opposition.
  3. icey roads up north. Nearly came off on a side road. Ended up mounting the pavement to get to my house. Careful all if you are out.
  4. battling elements on a daily basis now. It's ok as long as there is no ice, i'll cope. I wonder how dick65 is. He rides everyday high up in the mountains.
  5. there are some seriously disturbed people on this forum. Stick what where???
  6. last year I was too lazy and put the old seals back. I haven't given them a good enough clean this winter and have been commuting 60 miles daily. So I gather they need some tlc.
  7. When I go on ride outs, I constitute what I like to call a survival pack ( the wife sniggers!!). It always ends up filling my top box and ofcourse using up more fuel. And not even a puncture repair kit in the lot...
  8. Yes it was. When I got home I spent 30 mins superficially cleaning the discs and calipers out. I'll strip them tomorrow after work
  9. Just spent a few hours treading the minefield we know as insurance. Pricing just doesn't make sense. Some ask for modifications, some don't. Didn't know top box, panniers and crash bungs were mods. Horror stories from all corners. At £220 I have been asked for £875 excess. I thought regulations changed and you can now direct the repairer you want your insurer to use. Turns out not only do they decide where to take the bike but nowadays, they can fit used parts off another bike (even tyres) to fix your bike. You are welcome to challenge it but by the time and aggro you line up and pay expert engineers and witnesses to prove that the used tyre may not be safe, it would be cheaper to buy a new one. All buried in the small print. I wish their salaries were paid in similar notes.
  10. One of the questions tripped me and I spent a minute wondering what was wrong with it. I hope they don't take away my licence for that
  11. well my missus says i am alot less grumpy when I get home. So I suppose I must be enjoying it. You said something about a xmas day meet. Lets keep an eye on the weather a couple of day before cos it sounds like a plan
  12. For 2 years I had been looking for a better job. I was spending at least 30 hours a week scouring the web and sending applications out. I got a new job 2 months ago and since then I have had 6 interview offers. Weird,
  13. As soon as i hit the motorway from work today, a flurry of slush came down all at once. Just like it was waiting for me. The bike was really swimming about. Strangely though, for a change majority of drivers were pretty sensible. Gave me lots of room to do my ballet and everyone was moving at 40-50 m.p.h. Other than that, battling crosswinds on the tops.
  14. Good luck and hope it all goes well. Don't forget, plenty of pictures
  15. I like the originality of the setting. No half naked bodies substituting vocal talent
  16. Yep, they do claim the money back and it at times is withdrawn from your account forcefully and without notice. You would think credit cards have a covering fund for this but it happens to debit cards, cheques even astonishingly bank drafts. The only sure way is cash in hand and in time to make the bank or someone kicks your door in.
  17. forgive me for thinking but weren't premiums meant to go down for each year not claimed and not up? Just had and extra £100 added to mine. Any one else with the same?
  18. recovery area from the missus' tour with the credit card on black friday
  19. Hi all. I have a garmin nuvi 2515 lt which is essentially a car satnav but use it on my bike. Say I am travelling from Birmingham to Newcastle and add Manchester as a way point on the route planner function, I find my self having to worm my way to a certain street in the middle of Manchester and then out again which can be cumbersome if one is one a long ride out. Is there a way to make the sat nav just take me round the manchester by pass and therefore taking the shortest route to newcastle?? Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle are only used as examples. It is worse when I am navigating small to medium sized towns
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