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  1. Message Thread: Glad Wed 25 Mar 2015 - 16:25 Yes, it fits my family. What I can't figure out is why we get this dreams now. My husband has been verbally and emotionally abusive for years and years, so I am puzzled to why the dreams NOW. Two days after my daughter's dream a situation irrupted where for the first time ever I thought I would get hit by my husband. My 19 year old son intervened and it didn't escalate. People always tell me how nice my husband is - which he is, to everyone but us. I needed to know that my dreams are not interpreted by my knowledge, but I also need to know why the timing of this dreams. That is a bit unsettling for me. Thank you again, Glad
  2. You did very well and great interpretation. And good idea, I asked and will delete if she chooses.
  3. Glads dreams are about abuse at home escalating. Both her and her daughter's dreams about being stabbed came before the latest episode where Glad thought her husband was going to hit her. She has been verbally abused for a long time and now it was so bad that she thought he was going to hit her. If you can see anything to add to her dreams in light of this please do so.
  4. Honestly, a dream will never have symbols that do not match with the feelings. Ever. Seriously. If there is an apparent contradiction, one of your premises is wrong.
  5. OK, next question... who is the strong one?
  6. Well, it is definitely the site then, but NO WAY!!! You do a great job interpreting dreams, Mark!
  7. Wait.... does your first sentence fit with how you feel here?
  8. Awesome! And, thank you :) I wasn't sure if I came across too strongly, or not.
  9. Lol, help... awesome. Help is awesome. Amen.
  10. Hello Moderators: When interpreting dreams please remember that if a symbol/interpretation conflicts with the dreamers feelings in the dream, the interpretation/symbols are wrong. Please read this thread to understand what I mean: /t21244-dreaming-of-god-telling-me-he-s-going-to-give-me-twins Also, sometimes I need help knowing if I come across in a way that is anything but loving because that is always, generally, how I feel but my delivery might need work, so please let me know if I need to edit my comments. Thank you every day for what you do for God's people!
  11. This seems like it really could be the group here. I'm wondering if the crazy one is me or Dee.
  12. Do you think that it is about the website?
  13. Sounds good to me. Its a good teaching moment to clear up the confusion because I am not condoning divorce whatsoever.
  14. From the position of onlookers do you think my responses to Carrie are detrimental to this ministry?
  15. Good answers. Exactly what I would have said. I had dreams of a new engagement ring while I was still married, repeatedly. Then, I dreamed of getting married again. When I had the dream of being married again I was still happyish and focused on my marriage. I was hoping the new diamond ring was from my husband. Alas, it was not and it was actually quite disturbing at the time to dream that I was going to marry someone else. I chose to believe they were symbolic instead of facing that they may be literal. My position is this: If He gives dreams in advance of this nature, who am I to act all holy and not be happy for the person when that is the topic of the dream: Their future happiness.
  16. Dreamster thinks my replies to Carrie are way off because she is still married. I understand his very valid concerns and can imagine he is not the only one who has these thoughts so we should discuss it. She is in the process of divorce. I told her that I believe her dreams are literal and they are about her future love. The reasons I believe this is because that's what her dreams are saying to me. The other reason is that I dreamed of my future spouse while I was still 100% married to a man who eventually cheated. Let's have a discussion about why we think God would not give us these kinds of dreams while we are still married to someone else.
  17. Dear God, I hope it's not a break from here!
  18. Something new that is better than what you were looking for but very similar?
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