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  1. Thanks for the follow up Deborah. Well, it went amazing my husband said. Very natural. The store manager was just getting a feel for my husbands personality, and didn't want to talk about the business much. They talked for quite a while about family, golf, etc. My husband said it couldnt have gone any better. I thought we would have heard something by now, but we havent yet. He could have also been considering another person, who knows. Hopefully we will hear something by this week. I will be sure to update when we find something out.
  2. Hi Exo!! Im so sorry to hear about this!!! Please pray on what Im about to say and toss if its not a fit. Perhaps, you could set up a meeting with the pastor and discuss these things with him. I wonder if you are not being 'released' yet, because someone needs to be communicated to about how you guys feel (and others who might be intimidated to communicate this issue). Maybe your not being released, bc God wants you be an active part of changing the culture of this church before he leads you elsewhere. Especially with you guys being in leadership for so long, you know how important a warm and welcoming feel is to the growth and thriving of a church body. If you come to the pastor in the spirit of meekness, love and concern for the other members as well, I cant see how he wouldnt hear you out. Perhaps, when you go to the pastor you could also have some ideas on hand for him to help the church in this area. Also, since you are experiencing this first hand, you know how hurtful this feels when its not easy to get connected for people. Maybe you and your husband might even consider praying about being on a committee, or starting up a program within this church to help get people connected. As you said, there are just as many walking out the door with their heads down as there are of those fellowshipping and enjoying themselves not caring about those walking out unconnected. Maybe you guys could start up a once a month event/gathering for those who long to get better connected. Those who are already connected may not feel the need to come, but those who long for this like you would probably LOVE to find others to connect with!! Just some ideas...plz pray on these things... Also, I just came from a church that I was committed to for ten years. After being involved heavily with the church body, its so hard to go somewhere else and to feel that level of comfort. We just had an event that there were many people from our old church there, and it was like a family reunion! I cried when I got in the car bc I miss that feeling of 'family' and 'comfort' that being connected can bring. We are still in search of our new church home, and have it narrowed down to two different ones. I have to remind myself that it took ten years of effort to build those relationships, and that feeling of comfort and connection doesnt happen overnight. Be encouraged, if your meant to stay there, God will bring those right connections to you that are needed. I will be praying for you to have the wisdom and grace to handle this situation. I hope something helps.
  3. I'm so glad your ok mia! God is so good!
  4. My daughter said to me today very casually, while we were in the car getting ready to go somewhere, "Mom, God was speaking to me last night before I went to bed." I replied "He did, what did he say honey?" She said, "God said He STILL has great plans for you!" She repeated this a second time, emphasizing the 'STILL' again. When she said this, it brought tears to my eyes, and even does as I type this! She blows me away, she's only nine years old, and hears God very clearly and frequently! Please pray in agreement that God will reveal this 'plan' to me.
  5. Ok everyone, my hubby (and our whole family) has been eagerly awaiting his promotion. As many of you might know, because of my incessant whining , I have been really anxious about this whole process, bc it may or may not take us out of state! We have been in LIMBO for almost a whole year. WELL, my husband has a meet and greet/interview in a couple hours!!! Please keep us in prayer! Im so ready to finally be settled, wherever it may be, for my families sake! If this goes well, we will be staying in our local state and not moving away out of state. I was sort of looking forward to a change of scenery, but was also a bit anxious about it as well. I have settled though, wherever God wants us is where we will be. Still prayers are much appreciated. I just want to be in Gods perfect will for us, and I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHERE THAT IS... Thanks faithful prayer partners!!!!! Bless you all!!!!
  6. O my...totally praying...just now seen this! plz let us know once they get it under control!
  7. I felt something very similar to Cholette sister! Good word Cholette! I couldn't have ever put my thoughts into words as well as you did!
  8. I pray just as Paul was shown the light and given the gift of repentance, that these individuals would have the scales fall off their eyes and receive Jesus as well! So sad, they are so lost...and they are only hurting themselves.
  9. Thanks Connie!! This is encouraging! And, Im not a huge fan of her teacher. I think she is overwhelmed, and is not super encouraging to my daughter. Im hopeful that she gets a REALLY good teacher next year!! Im seriously considering homeshool. I may give public schools one more year. We will see. Thanks for the encouragement.
  10. Here is an example of what I would see as influencing others. Say I go to hang out with some of the other moms at my daughters school. Im there having fun, and building relationships with them so that I can hopefully influence them positively down the road. Even though they may be drinking, I dont join in with that..and dont allow their beliefs to influence me. I feel relationships are key to influencing others for God. As they see my life, and my example it could open up the doors for them to ask me questions about God and I could encourage them to seek Him more. On the other hand, if Im not careful, and am not prayed up...or if I spend TOO much time with these women, my thoughts could start being influenced by them..instead of them influencing me. For instance, perhaps I start doubting if drinking is really wrong or not..or I start thinking its ok to dress provocative bc some of them do as well. This would be an example of me intending to help them, but instead they are influencing me, pulling me out of fellowship with God. So in this instance, I limit the time I spend around this group of women...but do on occasion go out to dinner with them...or I choose to do things with this group that doesn't revolve around drinking...like having a fellowship/breakfast chat with them. Does that make sense? This way Im built up, and Im the one influencing, not the other way around. I spend time with these moms, but limit my time with them. My sole fellowship doesnt revolve around this group of 'just seeking' believers. If I see my beliefs being 'persuaded' (or Im becoming wishy washy), then its certain that Im spending too much time around the wrong people. The majority of my fellowship though, should come from likeminded Christians who are strong in the faith...these relationships build me up and keep me strong and accountable. This is a fine line, and balance is super important in an instance like this...as far as influencing others go. For me, I even have to apply these principles to my extended family, bc many of them are unbelievers.
  11. I see your online sister...I edited my content a bit above, and added a few things.
  12. Just some thoughts of mine, but for me I can be sensitive to the heaviness that others have about them. Perhaps for me, I can feel the heaviness or whatever is upon them and it can actually sort of drain me emotionally as well (depending on the amount of time I spend around them). I think in my situation, I may pick up on these things for intercession reasons. Social activities can be very draining for me bc I pick up on most peoples emotions. Sometimes, once feeling drained, I need to call it a night early bc it can wear me down at times. So for me, knowing my limits is a good thing, and setting time restraints is good for me. Perhaps you are the same way. Like Connie and D said, being prayed up really helps. If you feel called to minister or make a difference in the persons life, then by all means minister (but being built up in the Spirit really helps make the impact). When you say 'slimed' it makes me think of how the bible says a little yeast leavens the whole lump. I agree with Connie and D when they say dont open a 'window' for the enemy when you are around this person. In this situation, I would think of that as...not letting her mindset/beliefs persuade your thinking...and not joining in any meditation with her (other than meditating on our God). If this were me, and I felt like The Lord wanted me to have a friendship with this person, in order for me to influence them, I would plead the Blood of Jesus over me and her before the fellowship, and I would be prayed up to make a difference in her life. I dont think you need to fear the spirits she may be carrying around her, bc you have the truth/full revelation of what Jesus has done for you. Think about how many demon possessed people, and all the others that followed after Jesus seeking to be healed etc...Jesus wasn't concerned of those spirits attaching to him or his disciples. There is so much power in the blood of Jesus. Also, on the other hand...if you spend time with this person even with intentions to help them, and you find yourself being 'leavened' in your thoughts/beliefs after being around this person, I would avoid spending time with this person. In other words if you seem to be the one being influenced, instead of you influencing this person...then I would see this as an act of the enemy to pull you out of fellowship with the Lord. Just my thoughts...plz toss if it doesnt fit. Hope something helps.
  13. Somebody pmed me and told me this was a negative rating she didn't mean to give me. I told her to notify the moderators, yet I see this negative rating is still here. Moderators? Are you listening? Yes, Im so sorry I havent responded to either of you yet...its been a bit of a mad house over here. I did this once on accident to someone, and Daph said that there was nothing that we could do about it except for maybe give that person some extra likes to balance it out. The only other idea I have is that you could (or I could, if for some reason you cant) delete the post, and you could repost that comment below and start fresh. Let me know if you need me to delete the post. You could cut and paste and respost it below, and I could delete the redmarked post entirely. Sorry....hope this helps
  14. I went to the Neurologist for muscle spasms I have been having for like 9mths now. The dr took some blood to make sure I don't have any muscular diseases. I have an EMG set up for tomorrow as well. This is an hour and a half nerve test, where they will put an electrical current into my body to check for nerve damage. Please pray for a good report from the doctors! I'm hoping this will bring peace and rest to me, ruling out anything serious. I should have the results by next thurs.
  15. Plz pray for my family, especially my dad who is not saved yet.
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