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  1. I'm praying for her! Please keep us posted!!
  2. This is so awesome hinds! Great praise report of gods power and goodness!
  3. I'm totally praying as well. So sorry to har this. Plz keep us posted as god intervenes.
  4. You will Ruth, I KNOW you will!!
  5. Update! Whew, house finally sold. Not for much, but at least we pretty much broke even. Im very thankful for Gods provision. Thank you for your prayers faithful ones!!!
  6. Thanks Connie! I really appreciate your prayers! We have a second offer, waiting on appraisal and inspection.
  7. I didn't have time to read the responses yet, but I just want to encourage you feed your spirit man right now. What you put in comes out, what you think on goes in. As you focus on putting Gods Word, and meditating on HIM and His Word, putting that into your spirit man...those things will flow out of you. Feed on the Lords faithfulness in your life, meditate on His righteousness and how you are righteous in Him. As you continuously feed on the Lord, the negative thoughts will diminish. The more that you focus on not sinning, sometimes that's what makes you sin all the more. As you focus on the Lord, everything else negative fades away. Just my thoughts..praying for you...
  8. Awww!!! He sounds so precious!! Whatever your doing, its working!!
  9. Amen Owen! It is all about the personal walk with the Lord. I hear what you are saying about the cartoons and stuff. Now I do let my kids watch some gentler shows, but the aggressive cartoons are not for us. I do see my son next to the other boys at preschool, and he is not aggressive like the other boys. Actually, the boys started rough housing the other day and my son stepped in as such a bold leader and said, "We are NOT suppose to be fighting!" His friends stopped and listened to him. My daughter is 8 and still likes the little preschool princess cartoons (strawberry shortcake). A lot of girls her age are watching shows that cause the kids to grow up so fast, learn about kissing boys etc (iCarly, Hannah Montana). I refuse to let the standard of the world to come into our home, and shape our kids!!! Who cares what the other parents think about me if my kids are different, bc we are raising a Godly seed, they are suppose to hold a standard right? That's not to judge other parents, and everyone may have different convictions and ways to raise their kids. That doesn't make my way right, or their way wrong. All I know is I will let the Lord lead me, and as I follow whatever He convicts me to do then I know we will be blessed.
  10. Amen, I think that's the crux of it at the end of the day for me. Amen!! I couldn't agree more!!!
  11. I completely agree with this statement! Though I don't have any tatoos myself, and I hope that my children never get any, I personally believe this to be one of those gray areas, where it really depends upon the persons personal sanctification and convictions. Kind of like some Christians can watch rated R movies or secular music without conviction or feeling condemned, but for someone else God may be speaking to them to put those things aside bc they don't edify. Just wanted to put my two cents in...
  12. Praise God we found a buyer for our home who came through on the first day we put our home up for sale! Multiple offers brought these buyers to offer us our asking price by the second or third day of having it on the market. Now I am asking for all my faithful brothers and sisters to please join in agreement with us for the appraisal to come in at our asking price or higher, and that all goes super smoothly with the underwriting. Thank you so much!!!!
  13. Astra I LOVE your comments!! I agree completely! I think pride is one of the hardest things to see in ourselves, bc pride can kind of blind us at times. Bosco, the fact that you are posting this shows your humbleness in wanting to learn more. I am guilty of both forms of pride that astra explains above. Sometimes I see myself and ALL my shortcomings, and forget to see myself through the power of God. Then there are other times when I seek to do things on my own, and I also forget to lean on God's strength and His power. I think self-righteousness is one of the most prideful sins, and I am trying hard to lean on the finished work of the cross...instead of my own willpower to overcome (or in false humility, by dwelling on all my weaknesses). I think the best answer to sum it all up is when we look to Jesus, His power and strength, His righteousness that He has freely given to us, and lean on these things...that this is the most effective way to walk in humility. Mostly seeing that we NEED Him for these things! HE gets the glory for our victories, and HE gets the glory for our confidence!! Its all b/c of HIM!
  14. Praise God Jasmine! I am so proud of you for telling people who can help you!! I know that must have been very hard to do!! You are so brave! Im believing for God to deliver you completely, so that you never cut again!! God has so many wonderful things in store for you in your future!!!
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