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  1. Wow extra oil! Ur post here is amazing. Honestly, you have ministered to me from my past experience as well. There is always that thought that crosses my mind on why did I have to endure this seven year testing/trial to such an extreme? Though I knew and seen some of the good that has come from my situation, I think ur post fills in the blanks. I bear witness that for me my situation has given me a much needed sense of discernment, and i see now how this was worked into me in my situation. I'm sure this also encourages exo too!
  2. I am in need of ideas to help my daughter who is 8 focus better in school. Im getting the feel that her teacher may want me to medicate her, but we are NOT open to this idea. Im wondering if any parents/teachers out there have any ideas to help us with this challenge in a natural way.
  3. This is great news! I will be praying for things to go smooth!
  4. Yes, I agree with Connie. Always gently reaching out is a good idea. I felt in my situation, with the stage I was in during my life when I experienced something similar, I really needed space to make my own choices, BUT I would have loved the validation from my parents that THEY were confident in my judgement and decisions. In my situation, I'm not quite sure why this would have made such a difference to me, but I think it would have given me the confidence I needed to possibly walk away sooner. I think it could be the age I was, I wanted to be respected as an adult, yet I still needed guidance but didn't want to admit it or receive it from my parents. I think that unconditional, unjudgemental love you are already showing your son is so important. My thoughts are that as you let him know you respect the decisions he makes, by letting him know how much you trust his judgement is going to just empower him to make good choices. I also feel that by letting him know you are still there for him is also very important. Trust in that good seed of Gods word that you have placed in this young man will not return void, it will produce the fruit of Gods power in his life. These are just my thoughts, p,ease pray on them and throw away anything that The Lord does not confirm to you in your spirit. Please update us, bc this subject weighs on my heart heavy. I will continue to pray for a breakthrough in this situation.
  5. When you speak with your son, do you ever talk about the error of the ways of your family members? My mom would try and point things out to me, and try and turn me against our family friends. This backfired on my mom, making the others grip on even tighter to me with control. In my situation, I think if my mom just focused on having a relationship with me and caring about me without proving the others to be wrong (though they were very wrong), these controlling people may not have encouraged me to cut my mom off completely. My mom also felt the need to defend herself against what the others were saying against her, instead of just loving me and being confident in me that i am smart enough to make good decisions. it may also help your son to be reassured how confident you are with his judgement, and that if he ever needs you at anytime, you are there for him. It may also be reassuring to him to hear that if he ever needs a place to stay, that he is welcome there at your house as well. I share this only bc I have experienced the other side of this. There were times i didnt feel like i had any other option where i could go to live, so i was stuck being mistreated. My situation was not exactly the same as Yours, but similar in some ways. I believe your son will see the fruit or lack thereof i should say, from the other family members eventually. plz know My heart is only sharing these things to hopefully help. Plz plz plz pray on these suggestions, and toss anything that you feel doesn't fit in your situation. These are only my thoughts, and past experiences. God may lead you in a very different way for your sons needs. Plz be encouraged that no matter what, God will prevail in this situation! God will be sure to vindicate anything that has been spoken against you and your family. I know full restoration will come to your family!! I'm so sorry you are going through this.
  6. Plz keep me updated. I see the situation clearly now, and will pray accordingly. Isn't it funny that I was the same age as your son when I experienced this? Be encouraged, ALL of this will turn out for Gods glory! The good thing that your son has that I did not is a strong foundation that you instilled I him as a child! I didn't have any of this, yet The Lord in His goodness and mercy still reached me! I hope I am accurate when I share with you my thoughts and feeling that I don't think it will be long before yor son sees the truth!
  7. praying and believing God for full restoration!!! I believe all these things will all be used in his ministry and calling!!! All these things will work out for good in the end!!! romans 8:28
  8. Hello exo152, Do u mind me asking how old your son is right now? I had a similar experience when I was first saved as a young adult, but my foundation was not strong in The Lord...allowing me to be very vulnerable and easily manipulated by similar flaky "leaders" who controlled me for many years. My mother prayed without ceasing, and finally The Lord showed me His ways were not the ways of these leaders. One thing played a huge role in my deliverance, was getting plugged in to a local church body. Is your son currently attending a church consistently? Is it a good church? Hearing of the true word was what set me free, and I could see these people were not teaching the true word of God, but twisting Gods word for their selfish gain. Can I ask u what cld these people be gaining from trying to turn your son against you? In my situation, I was being mistreated and also they were gaining financially from me staying with them. I find it interesting, they also turned me against my family for a period of time. Plz know I am fervently praying for your son, as I have been through a similar situation in my earlier years.
  9. Mia wrote: "Not everybody is attracted to Mr. Rogers." Lol! Isn't this the truth!! I love this comment!
  10. Possible locations we may be relocating to in the U.S. are Chicago IL, possibly Toledo or Cleavland Ohio. Does anyone know of some really good churches near these areas by chance? The most important things to me are that the church is Spirit filled, and that they have a STRONG children's and youth ministry. Any suggestions?
  11. So happy to pray....keep us posted on your progress.
  12. Amen! What a blessing and testimony of Gods faithfulness!
  13. I'm not sure how it is in Australia, but here in the states the easiest way is to just leave for that hour....or you could just shut the lights off. When the porch light and other lights are off here, people just skip that home. Hope this helps...bless you!
  14. Absolutely! Believing for a great surgery, and speedy recovery! Keep us posted on his progress!
  15. I feel anxious over a particular teacher. She's very strict and petty and particular about details. She reminds me about an old principal. I already have a fear of authority. Also, sometimes God will show us things that trigger painful memories from the past that God wants u to lift up to him so He can heal u. If its triggering these thoughts/feelings from the past, maybe God allows this to be brought to light so that He can heal and touch this area of ur heart. Just some thoughts.... Isaiah 53:4,5 4 Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows; Yet we esteemed Him stricken, Smitten by God, and afflicted. 5 But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.
  16. Amen Astra! Love ur post! Jasmine, I had so much anxiety in school. I can assure u, even thought it seems like it may seem like forever that u will be in school...I promise it's not for forever. I know it's hard dealing with all the emotions that go along with middle and high school...but be encouraged much better days r ahead. It won't always be this hard. I'm praying for u sweetie! Keep leaning on The Lord and His love for u...this will give u the strength to endure.
  17. Lara, I will be praying about ur situation. I'm so sorry ur going through this. I pray the lord will give u divine wisdom in ur distress, and open the door for ur provision!
  18. Amen Cholette! I couldn't agree more! Ruth I believe as u continue to see ur self as fully redeemed and righteous by the finished work of the cross, that ur healing will fully manifest.
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