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  1. Thank you Deborah and all who prayed. My sweet grandma went home to be with The Lord today. She will be missed very much. I know she is happy in the arms of Jesus right now...and not in constant pain anymore. I had So many good memories with her!
  2. Thank u so much Astra! I really appreciate ur prayers!
  3. Thank you so much exo and Cholette for praying! Thanks for the encouragement Cholette!! This is a huge learning lesson for me, to know that my daughter has a prophetic calling. This is the second time she has had a premonition for my grandma. I actually blew it off this time, thinking she was just worrying. Both times she knew two days prior to my grandma going into the hospital that something was wrong. If I wouldn't have discounted this an her being afraid this would happen a second time, I couldve had someone check on gram sooner. Thank you though, your right, I cant change it now but I can head the Lords promptings through her in the future!! Hope gram is going to be ok.
  4. Please pray for my little Grandma. She is in the hospital, in icu. She fell, and hit her head, and was on the floor waiting for help for almost 24 hours! I feel SO horrible about this, especially bc my daughter told me two nights ago around bedtime to call my Aunt to check on Grandma...she even used the words 'RIGHT NOW!'...and Im so saddened to say I didn't follow through!!! The Lord was speaking through my daughter, and I didnt head to this strong prompting He gave her!!! I feel SO horrible, words cannot express how responsible I feel right now. Please pray for my grandma, she is in her late 80's, and in a very fragile state due to the amount of time she was laying unattended with a head wound!!
  5. Thank you so much Astra and Mia!!! You are both such a huge blessing to me! I really needed the encouragement!!!
  6. Amen, I agree with all your comments. As much as I understand that these ministries need money to keep things running, I do feel that some ministers resort to unneeded measures to get those needs met INSTEAD of trusting God to meet that need. I personally feel in my own heart, this kind of method is manipulating Gods people. I feel its much better for the minister to openly admit that they are struggling financially, and are in extra need of funds to keep the show going. This is an honest, transparent approach in my eyes. I agree with exo, the sow this month for a double portion blessing approach, really turns me off and causes me to no longer want to listen to such ministries. Just my two cents.
  7. No, I meant I keep my miasherwood account and my Facebook account separate. If he is hacking you through this account, then maybe you could "unconnected" your Facebook account, and your Mia Sherwood account. Just an idea.
  8. Thank u so much Deborah, exo, and seeking! This site has been a huge encouragement and support to me! I cannot thank al of u enough for your contribution to uplift and encourage me and others on this site!
  9. Thank you so so much cholette and connie!!! Well, here it goes....my frustration list. I feel a lot better today, but yesterday was a rough one. I got really bad news that my daughter completely failed her meap test, got the lowest scores possible. I am so worried about her. She is especially behind in math, but her comprehension scores on the test were bad too. She does have focus issues, but I dont want to medicate her. We have been trying to work with her at home, but she gives me such a hard time connie. Im simply so worried about her. When she comes home she just wants to play, and I don't blame her one bit. In order to get caught up though, we need to practice math facts etc. My worries really played with my emotions yesterday, and I didn't handle her in the best possible way. She and I can really feed on one another's negative emotions, and thats what happened yesterday. I feel like Im failing her as a parent, and I just feel so defeated in this situation. Im wondering when things are going to click for her. She is such a smart girl, but the defiance is keeping her from learning. I feel like she just wants to oppose me all the time...no matter what I ask her to do. This battle is exhausting, especially when Im only trying to help her. When I brought it in prayer yest, I seen a picture of a person drowning. Arms flailing, and someone was there trying to rescue them, but because of the panic and fear....they wouldn't allow the person to help them. I feel like Im trying to rescue, help, and love my daughter, but she refuses to calm down and let me help and love her. She does often push my love away, consistently. She has had a lot of loss and trauma in her life, before we adopted her. Im concerned that she is not up to speed bc of this. She is not taking responsibility with her items..constantly leaving a trail of messes throughout our home. She forgets things and looses things at school on a daily basis. I see her friends are much more responsible than her. I know I should not compare,but I want to be sure she is developing normal. Im so exhausted. To make matters worse, my husband was suppose to have the day off yest. His regional came into town and was suppose to go to my husbands store. We are hopeful that we will know something soon about our possible relocation through this regional. So my husband went into work, and waited all day for the regional to show up, never showed up. A wasted day, didn't hear any news. Im simply tired of waiting to find out where and when they are going to send us! Ive been in Limbo for almost a year now!!! We sold our home, and have moved twice in 6 months, with little kids this is just a joke. We have little to no support from our families as far as help with the kids goes and stuff. With this kinship adoption, my mom has really strained our relationship bc she wants my brother a part of our lives. Ive distanced myself from her, bc she pressures me to do things I dont feel is best for my daughter. BC Im not doing things the way she wants, she wont come on my turf to help. She never offers to help, and has been my least support in our journey, but on the contrary a huge stress to me. Because of this, we left our church of more than ten years (which was a HUGE support in our journey with our daughter). I would like to become joined to a local body of christ to get the support Im lacking from my family, but without knowing where we are headed it doesnt make sense to get involved in a church heavily to quickly uproot in a month or two (we should know no later than June we were told). Last night, My husband comes home exhausted from waiting all day for the regional to show up being up since 2:30 am! So our date night is ruined, and Im putting the kids to bed by myself etc while he is half asleep on the couch. He is a good husband and works very hard to take good care of us! He really tries to help me a lot...but he is often tired and lately more cranky than usual. He works every weekend with his current position, so there is alot of family time we are missing. When he gets promoted his hours will be MUCH better for the family. Im just totally exhausted, and so disappointed with this season of our lives. Im ready to settle myself and the kids, but I cant do that till they let us know where we are going. SO SORRY for the long novel...thats my frustrating night in a nutshell from last night. Thanks for praying and listening.
  10. Plz keep me in prayer. I had a very discouraging afternoon/evening. Lots of things going on!
  11. I agree as well, def consider reporting him. I don't have my two accounts connected. Is it possible for you to keep these two accounts separate, limiting his ability to hack your account.
  12. Im assuming at one point in your friendship, that you allowed him to use your account. Is this correct? Have you tried changing your password, and asking him to stop using your page?
  13. Jjp, I know this is an old post, but Im wondering how your situation turned out! I am in a VERY similar situation! This personality MUST have been cloned! I am not great with confrontations, and not looking forward to an event that I am obligated to attend that this old friend will be at soon. I have cut ties with my old friend, but have not had that 'talk' with her on why I ended the friendship. She is the type that is never wrong, and all my other confrontations with her ended in battles and her denying the truth. In my opinion, in my situation, since I know she wont receive my side of why I dont think this friendship is healthy...why waste the energy on a knock down drag out battle. This person is the kind of person though that I dont really want as an 'enemy', but I have learned she is not safe to be in my inner circle. Wondering how your situation turned out, to see if it might help my situation. Thanks.
  14. Praise God! Im so glad you had favor with this situation.
  15. Daisy

    Getting Married

    This is very possible, that it could be a confirmation. If in doubt, ask God for another confirmation. He is faithful. Even more than a 'dream' confirmation, I personally believe that God will witness to your heart with the presence or absence of peace. I believe God leads us in ways of peace. These are just my thoughts, please pray and toss what doesnt sit well with you.
  16. Yes, I believe he does! I personally believe his grace super abounds towards us when we need it most. This is just an idea. Perhaps you could fight the ticket, or attempt to. Sometimes this prolongs the process, say it gives you and extra 30 days till your court day arrives. Even if you are held responsible, perhaps the delay will allow you the time to get the funds to pay the ticket. Even better yet, maybe they will toss the ticket out, or the cop wont show for court and you get out of the ticket all together. Its worth a shot. I just got a ticket for parking in front of my house for a 'snow emergency'. We only got 4 inches, but apparently this is a big money maker for the city to hand tickets out. Especially newcomers, who aren't aware of the procedures for snow emergencies. Its assumed everyone knows, and your ticketed anyways. Since Im new to the area, I went into the city hall, and wrote a letter to fight the ticket. They placed it on 'hold' for me until the magistrate read my plea. Unfortunately, Im still responsible for this ticket, BUT I did get an extra 30 days to pay it! Im not happy about the ticket, but I will take the grace period to pay it. Hope this helps....
  17. Im in agreement too!!! Im so sorry you are going through this tough time. I hope and pray for peace, restoration, and provision for all things for you.
  18. I can totally relate with you Happydad! We were in a similar situation, with finances, jobs etc. The last thing on our list was dental health. As a result, our dental health suffered as well. Now that we finally have insurance, we have been catching up on our dental health for the last two years. Several root canals, and crowns later, we are now 'maintaining' our dental health. Its much easier to maintain, than it is to 'catch up'...lol. I am still getting my teeth cleaned quarterly, instead of bi-yearly to keep myself from having to go to a specialist. Im believing for you, that God is going to restore to you all the things the enemy has tried to steal from you with your health (dental and physical)! No weapon formed against you will prosper!!! In Jesus Name!!!
  19. Praise God no one was hurt!! I am agreeing with you, no weapon formed against you and yours will prosper!!!
  20. No problem!!! Wow, what your family has been through already at this point! I hope improvements continue to manifest!! I will continue to pray!! bless you!
  21. First of all, I am so sorry you had to go through such a traumatic thing! How horrible this must have been for you! Im so thankful though, that you were able to get free physically from this abduction!! Praise God! I will for sure be praying for you and your emotional breakthrough!! Perhaps you could find a mantra to repeat daily, when you are feeling this resistance in your emotions...one that brings comfort and peace to your heart from the Word of God. Perhaps repeating outloud, at every sign of resisitance from the enemy trying to keep his grip on you, you could speak this scripture. Im reminded that the Word of God is POWERFUL, and SHARPER than any two edged sword (any of the enemies weapons)!!! I know its much easier said than done. But the enemy has truly lost his grip on you, through the finished work of the cross of Jesus. He suffered, so that we dont have to continue to suffer (emotionally, or any other way). His soul was pierced, when the crown of thorns was placed on His head. He sanctified our minds. His sacrifice was enough. He took all our pains (physical, and emotional). Perhaps this set of scriptures would be helpful to repeat out-loud when you are feeling discouraged, or hindered. Isaiah 53:4 Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows; Yet we esteemed Him stricken, Smitten by God, and afflicted. 5 But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed. 6 All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all. Jesus came that we might have life, and to have it MORE ABUNDANTLY!!! I know His desire is that you walk in complete healing and freedom from this area of your past. I pray you will get a full revelation of your freedom in Christ. I sincerely pray that this complete freedom is revealed fully to you in every area of your life!!! I declare the enemy has no more grip upon you, and the finished work of Jesus has completed everything possible for you total freedom. Im so glad you have found this site!!! I hope my post has been an encouragement to you. Bless you!!!!!
  22. Sorry for the late response to this. I assure you I have been praying since I first read your post. Im so sorry things didn't go as well as you had hoped for. Please be encouraged, God is still on the scene, even if it seems He isnt. I know that through this, God will somehow take this mess your mom has made and will turn it out for His glory for you and your family (Rom 8:28). Im continuing to pray for you and your family. Please continue to update us how things progress. May The Lord bless you and your family, and continue to strengthen and uplift each one of you.
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