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  1. Iv added you. Tinkerbell is really looking forward to meeting your pet
  2. Tinkerbell wished for: 1)New gmb items for this/next week. 2)For everyone to have a great christmas 3)To get to know everyone and have loads of fun I shall deffinatly start sending gifts to people to clear up their wish lists because you are all so great
  3. aww im happy that the bet hack is working for you now.
  4. I dont think there is a limit. Before now...I have sent hundreds of boxes out and recieved way more then i recieved when iv been trading and iv never been limited. I guess you can send endless gifts and recieve the same....Well..Unless you reach the trunk item limit which is something in the 1000's
  5. aww id loved to have been on that banner. It would be so cool to actually see your put up there in the lime light...How glamourous. Hopefully when thy do another one...They ask for pictures of our pets so i can have a chance to be up thete hehe.
  6. I play: Pet society (obviously hehe) Minigolf party Happy Pets Zoofari Cafe World FairyLand The rest of the applications are games i play on and off so i wont list those hehe.Oh gosh...Im such a Facebook Game Nerd hehe
  7. I have accepted your f/r for this account and sent you a message in facebook...will wait for your reply. Iv sent you a message back. Thanks for accepting. Hopefully ill get to 20th post soon.
  8. I suppose men have their good poins too. I mean..if it wasnt for them(Well half of it) then we wouldnt be here. Another thing....One of their good points is that they give you pressies....Even tho they might be totally the wrong size...colour.... proportion hehe...They try their hardest.....Well....Some of them anyways hehe
  9. Im not to keen on the new items tonight. I dont really like the new wonderland funriture. It just doesnt go right in a room for some reason. Im trying my best to make everything look right but i just cant do it. Oh well...I guess its stuck in my chest until i can be bothered to try and make it look nice hehe.
  10. Your link is broken =(. Could you add me instead =D. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone. Me and tinkerbell would love some new friends to come and join our neighbourhood. If you would like to be our friends...please click on that loverly blue link at the side....Just there <---- please send me a note with your add as i dont accept anyone without notes. thanks
  12. Hummm...My objectives are..... let me think.... To meet new people..To have a laugh.....To decorate my room so my house looks absoloutly fabulous....And my last ultimate objective..Is to get EVERY PINK item in the game....Althouh...I have lots of saving up to do
  13. Thanks for the replys everyone. I*m hoping to stay here forever
  14. Iv just found out how to read my private messages but when i go to reply...it keeps saying i havent reached some kind of limit to posting...Wierd.....How many posts do i have to have before i can send Pm's?? Does anyone know?? Thanks
  15. I love your room 6 the most. Its sooo cool. Welldone
  16. I would really love to win this one day. It would be great being as tho i have totally run out of cash coins and i havent got enought real cash to buy anymore =(. I dont know why they cant just styop putting cute items in the cash shop lol
  17. Your rooms are really cool. I love the 2nd living room the most. really stylish.
  18. This makes no sence to me at all hehe. I was never good at geometry and never could get my head around it so i never tried. I would love to help you but i just cant...so sorry
  19. Thanks so much for all the replys. I KNOW im deffinatly going to like it here. I shall make sure i post my 20 posts so i can go enter. This site is really cute. i really love the layout. I tried the chat earlier and no one was online How many people actually use this site?? I shall deffinatly be getting all my friends onto this fourum. There are so many friendly people here and this is only my second day. im hoping to get to know you all. Thanks again for making me feel so welcome.
  20. Hi everyone. Just thought id come to this part of the fourum and introduce myself. FB name : xPink.Pixel.PrincessX Pet Name:Tinkerbell (Her name changes from time to time.hehe.) Pet Level 47 Feel free to add me. Just click that link...The one that says facebook...Yes over there <-----Hehe. But please...Send me a note with the add as i dont accept accounts without a note. Me and Tinkerbell are looking forward to seeing you around the neighbourhood.javascript:emoticonp(':pinkjello:') :pinkjello:
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