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  1. I'm very sorry for your loss! But what better way to get over it, than getting another fluffball to love? :wub: The kitty is so so pretty, and I love your girl - she looks so grumpy & cuuuute in that pic xoxo
  2. I love your bathroom! :wub: (and your siggy is awesome btw )
  3. I've been gift-bombed a couple of times but no more than 40-50 gifts! Gift-bombing is supposed to be fun for both the people who do it & the person who gets the gifts - a laggy PS and opening 100+ gifts for hours doesn't sound likea lot of fun to me..
  4. There are movies that always make me cry, no matter how many times I watch them. Since I'm in a Christmas mood - I always cry to that scene from Love Actually:
  5. Avatar, on IMAX 3D. Amazing movie, a must see, and definitely NOT at home
  6. Since it was released one of my all time favourite Christmas movies has been "Love Actually" Of course I also love Home Alone 1&2 (I watch those every year ), Elf, The Santa Clause 1&2, Grinch, and so on.
  7. Jack Johnson - Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
  8. I have all gold except the pro fishing one The betting & stickers were hardest to get!
  9. That was fast! Thank u so much! )
  10. Hi, I uploaded a picture in my signature + text, but it doesn't show up. Is it due to the size of the pic? It used to be 500x200, decreased it to 400x160 and still doesn't show up. I see it when I go to change my signature in my profile but it doesn't appear when I post. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I'm just going to a party with my bf and some friends Won't be anything too special
  12. I have 40+ dishes to unlock the Strawberry shortcake! It's really really boring, and the several dishes after it are not that nice at all..It will tae ages to get even to the Wedding cake!
  13. SerEndiPittY

    Festive Fish

    Since it's a Holiday food, you should be able to catch them with it, however I myself have always used a roulade or mini festive cake..
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