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  1. Thanks Riuna. I was just looking at more of the entries. Some of them are quite amazing.
  2. Has anyone here entered the Halloween competition over at Playfish? Entry deadline is tomorrow (27th). The comp is explained here, along with entries: http://forum.playfish.com/forumdisplay.php?f=347 I entered in the spooky vegetable category: http://forum.playfish.com/showthread.php?t=2010378 Hasn't gotten many views yet—go have a look see and leave a comment! There are LOTS of great entries, so I'm not expecting mine to make it to finals or anything... but one can dream for a little while! I never knew about their fashion design competition, or I would have tried entering that one. That's gotta be really cool for the winners to get to see their fashion designs worn by other pets!
  3. Another parent chiming in here... (mom of 3 kids, ages 17, 14, and 7). We parents have so much to think about when raising kids. Not only do we want you to do well in school, but we want you to be well-rounded in all aspects of life. We want you to have a good balance—social, educational, spiritual, etc—and we know it's our responsibility to point you in the right direction. It can be a heavy load for parents! But it's not just US that wants to be happy with how you turn out... we want YOU to be happy with the kind of adult you turn out to be. We want YOU to be happy with the kind of childhood you experienced, and the memories you made. We don't want you to look back on your growing up years and regret not putting in the effort at school, or regret how you spent your summer vacations or regret how much excess time you spent playing virtual games. I can apply this to my own experience as well... when I've found I've been spending too much time playing games and not enough time attending to other things, or even just getting out and enjoying my real life friends—I realize it's time to cut back. I don't want myself or my kids to look back at 2008, 2009, 2010... and say "that's the year I played Pet Society" (or xBox or whatever). Or, "that's the summer I collected every single plushie that ever existed in Pet Society!" The scales of life need to tip to the side of reality... "that's the summer I spent hanging out with my friends and going to the park, riding the bike trails, taking the bus downtown, vacationing at my uncle's cabin, babysitting the neighbor kids and saving enough money for school clothes... " or "that's the first semester I made honor roll!" I know it hurts to be grounded, but your Dad is looking out for you in many ways. Sometimes it's hard for parents to do it with a smile on their face, so he ends up being angry about it and pulling the plug. Chances are he doesn't feel great about HOW he did it, but he does know WHY he did it, and that it needed to be done. Hang in there girl! Keep the trust, get your priorities in balance, and earn some computer time back... but don't just do these things to get computer time back... do them because it's the right thing to do! Your Dad cares! Heck, so do I... but I'm just a virtual friend! Enjoy your real life and make the most of it!
  4. Just sent a PM. Hi everyone! Just popping in for a couple games! Have been extremely busy lately... and now recuperating from some virus, so stealing some PLAY time!
  5. They're all asking for meatballs, but when I try to feed them, they just look at the meatballs with their sad little faces... why aren't they eating? Edit: Silly me. Time to get some sleep.
  6. That's funny—I think that happened to me too... but I thought my daughter had accidentally logged into my account and done some digging and got it... now me thinks it just appeared, because when I asked her about it, she was quite puzzled. (She's 7.)
  7. I like ideas others have mentioned, especially Nutcracker and Willy Wonka. I'd also like to see Goldilocks and the Three Bears (cute cottage items in 3 sizes/styles for Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear!) and I think Mother Goose rhymes would make a great theme (Little Boy Blue, Little Bo Peep, etc). And going off on a tangent, I'd also like to see themes that pay homage to illustrators like Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are), Mary Engelbreit (known for greeting cards and calendars, and gobs of home decor stuff...), EH Shephard (the original Winnie The Pooh), Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit), and Dr Seuss (How about 'Grinch' stuff at Christmas?)
  8. Before I could stop myself, I plunked down 3k+ for that little leopard... just could not pass him up. But I'm a little disappointed, I got grey, and I don't like grey so much. One of these days I will get some playfish cash again and change his color. I like yours Laz! Nice color!
  9. Love the wig! I'm not gaga for GaGa either... but the wig is brilliant.
  10. I recycled a bunch of duplicate stickers and bought a gold sticker pack. I cannot find the gold sticker pack anywhere. It's not in my chest, isn't that where it's supposed to be? This happened to me a couple weeks ago too, but at the time, the game was freezing up, so I thought that was the problem. But now I think something else is amiss. Have the stickers been moved, or could this be a glitch? Edit: maybe it's justa problem with buying the gold packs? I just returned to the recycle, and it's as though I never bought a pack. so I bought a bronze pack, and it's in my chest.
  11. i have raccoon set for your pink cat set okay? Sounds good! I will add you on facebook. Edit - Oops! You're supposed to have a facebook link—but yours isn't there? Can you fix it? oh, have sent you f/r with a note thanks for the trade!
  12. May I have Blue Start Decor, and Black Chihuahua Plushie?
  13. i have raccoon set for your pink cat set okay? Sounds good! I will add you on facebook. Edit - Oops! You're supposed to have a facebook link—but yours isn't there? Can you fix it?
  14. Can't seem to get the popcorn machine from digging... if it's even there anymore. Anyone have one to sell?
  15. I have an extra pink cat costume to trade for any animal except leopard.
  16. Just now reading this today. So interesting. Do let us know what you find out. So many things in the spiritual realm which we do not have answers to. Just be discerning, my friend! I had a couple of experiences I'd like to share. One was on a missions trip in the Solomon Islands. I was spending a few days at a bible school for girls. In the Solomons, there were some who practiced witchcraft, and although I was at this Christian school, there was some spiritual 'activity' there, probably because people around there were open to the spiritual realm, whether good or evil. I felt pretty safe where I was. I was staying in the main house with the school principal and shared a room with another lady. I had a horrible dream one night and screamed—waking me up, my roommate, and the principal. After sharing my dream (someone in the dream was getting their head chopped off—eek!) they prayed for me, and then the principal shared that whenever any of the girls in the school were sick, they'd have them come sleep in this room til they got better. And very often the girls had nightmares when they stayed in this room. (Thanks for the warning.) I have no idea if there was some history of something evil going on in that part of the school, or what the property had been used for before it was a school or anything. The next night, tho I was kind of scared, I also felt somewhat prepared—that whatever evil thing I might dream about I would combat with prayer. I went to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up to a snarling, rabid dog standing on the foot of my bed, baring his teeth and growling at me. As real as it looked, I knew it wasn't an actual dog, there was no weight on me or the bed, though he would be standing on my legs where he was. My eyes were wide open and I was awake. I looked right back at the snarling thing and said 'Get out in Jesus' name!' and the dog disappeared, and that was that. No more dreams or 'visions' for me in that room after that. A few years later, I was married and my husband and I were living downstairs at my parent's house. I always left the bathroom light on, it was just outside our bedroom, and even with the door closed it gave just a little light under the door so it wasn't pitch black in the bedroom. Early one morning, about 5 or 6am, the door slowly cracked open part way and I saw my mom standing there like she was just checking on us. (My mom has been a worrier for years, and often has trouble sleeping, so this was completely logical to me that she might be up early and have some concern whether we were OK or not, or maybe she wanted to tell me something and was checking to see if I was awake...) So having just woke up and seeing her in shadow and the bright bathroom light behind her, I didn't say anything for a second, and she closed the door, but I was so curious about what the heck she wanted at 5am that I said 'Mom?...... Mom?' No answer and she didn't come back. So I got up opened the door, walked out the room, through the hallway and another room and went to the laundry room to see if she was in there getting an early start... no mom. Went up to the kitchen where my dad was having breakfast—he worked a very early shift—and asked him where mom was. He said she was in bed. And I said, but she was just downstairs and opened the bedroom door and looked in on me... and he said, she hasn't been up yet this morning, she's still sleeping. I went to my parent's room and there she was sleeping, sure enough. So who looked in the door? I don't know. I just saw the shape of a female figure in a robe and assumed it was my mom—I mean, I really hadn't seen a face or features, because the bright light of the bathroom was behind the person, and whoever it was, was in shadow. But I had no scary feeling, just thought someone was checking in on me, that's all. Theories? Maybe my grandmother? She died in that house... but my grandmother was not the 'haunting' type (IMHO). Maybe an angel? A friend of mine suggested that—as I was going to have some minor surgery that day, and a friend had come over and prayed for me the day before. I don't know... but for some kind of spiritual experience, it wasn't scary. Just peaceful. Someone watching over me is all.
  17. Take care and happy traveling!
  18. What is the rare item in the enchanted forest? I can't seem to find this info anywhere, and wondering how bad i want to keep digging for it!
  19. I don't know, Sasha, there's nothing that comes up that says the fabric has been sent or your friend received it or anything. Gosh if I didn't like this game so much I wouldn't have anything to get annoyed about, would I?! hee hee like the eagle! YAY that they did an eagle... but couldn't it have been a bit more regal looking? As a symbol for the USA... it looks a little pouty.
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