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  1. Thank you so much for sending the bellydancer top - may ShiShi have the bellydancer pants too?
  2. I would like the bellydancer top! Thank you for this thread!
  3. Thank you - that was a fun comp! ShiShi is enjoying her Admiral's Jacket aboard her cruise ship!
  4. haven't received yet - hope you didn't send it to the wrong person! just sent your 3x999 items.
  5. I'm not really interested in the whole vacation package, I mainly just want the snake—if you want to sell yours, let me know how much you want for it. Thanks.
  6. I'd like the red hooded bear plushie if you still have it. Also 3x999?
  7. I'm sure I'll get some of the items, but not for decorating a wedding scene - just to be used here and there. I'll probably try out the doll stuff, to see what those rooms are like. And I'll definitely get the soccer items. Would have liked to see a turf field and a stadium background to go with the soccer stuff.
  8. Yay! Very helpful! Still would like to have some tools that allow us to 'flop' items or 'resize' items.
  9. My chest doesn't have the clear room icon yet—maybe I'll get it soon. I do like the flags and the bunny teapot. Pink swan is disappointing.
  10. thank you very much. adding rep for you.
  11. I just sent you the third 999 item, I sent two earlier—I had forgotten the deal was three. Anyway—you should have all 3 999 items now, so just send the castle along whenever you get back on. Thanks!
  12. Boombox received and just sent your 3 x 999! Thank you, and adding rep now.
  13. 3x999 for colorful boombox?
  14. Chiming in late here, but Yvette is one terrific gal! hip hip hooray!
  15. is 3*999 ok ok. 3 x 999. I will f/r you in FB.
  16. May I have the enchanted castle for 2x999?
  17. new garden floor and wallpaper? that would be nice!
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