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  1. hahahaha she finally got it i sent her a bunch of bananas...then one orange, then started sending her bananas again... and she finally got it!
  2. i think i am making her crazy. i have been sending her bananas. one at a time. and the note just says" banana" and she keeps asking what it's about... is it a banana war... etc... i know this is silly - but now i've sent her an orange... (orange you glad i didn't say banana?) okay am i totally juvenile or what?!
  3. OH PLEASE DO!whoop[s didn't mean to yell jusrt got excited - can't even type!
  4. I'm playing a joke on a friend. Need them quick. Will trade with other food or something...
  5. I dunno. Not excited about this. I'd rather decorate my own Easter bonnet.
  6. I like the antique-y bronze-y looking color—because it may look nice with one of ShiShi's bedrooms. I'm sure I will buy some of these - but probably not the pink stuff... the small table and bench is OK. I would like to see a little stronger colors, not garish, but not washed-out either. I think the trouble is, they are being so monochromatic. Same goes for the clothes. Needs some contrast. Do you think the items are kind of hotel-like, and that's what the bellhop is about? I do like that we are getting some instruments again. And the little flowers are kind of cute.
  7. Just updated my numbers in 99 projects... I am up to 92/99 Heart Cactus. That's only 7 to go! I'd love to finish this off, so if anyone has spare Heart Cacti, feel free to send them this way—and I'd be more than happy to send them back once I do the final count! Really! I could just borrow them! Truly! And you could have them back! I think I just want to be done with it!!!
  8. I have a black duck Please add me with a note I want to start my first project: Clover Flower 00/99 Thanks Serenity! Just sent you a F/R.
  9. Yay! I just need rainbow and mosaic now!
  10. Thanks for the prizes from that last round Pedj! I'm stumped on these...
  11. Thanks yawo - I just think it would be really fun to make something unique that your pet could wear, and no one else would have the exact same thing. Oh - and baskets - I'd like a basket that was specially sized and shaped to hold all these eggs we're collecting!
  12. I`ve got like 3 extra red and 4 extra turquoise..if only we could trade them. That would be nice. I have multiples of several colors too—would be fun to trade them around, but alas...
  13. Do you think that Pet Society is a good enough reason to try to abolish DST? Ah well, we shall adjust! Mango - that's what I did today. I logged in a few minutes before 4... and then a few minutes after 4 I'm going "what's wrong with PS? where's my lottery? what have they done now?!!!" And then I figured it out.
  14. I'm still looking for rainbow, mosaic, red and blue turquoise.
  15. OK, does this show how addicted I am or what? Yes, I schedule my life around PS... well not really, but... Here in the US we have 'sprung forward' one hour and now I have to wait until 5pm for the new day to begin instead of 4pm. I was liking the 4pm time... put some dinner in the oven, play a little PS... do you think my family will mind if dinner is an hour later now?
  16. Yeah, it was still in store after Valentine's... I know I bought more then. Yawo—I just want to finish off my 99 collection.... I don't even need to KEEP them, I just want to hit 99 and be done with it and get rid of some of them! So if you want to send me some, I'll send as many as you want back to you... even more!
  17. chocolate bunnies peeps! bunny petlings lamb petlings deviled eggs ham lilies (vertical not horizontal) that you can collect from trees and put in baskets bunny pajamas make-your-own easter bonnets - (like snowman, but you're making your own hat with the parts) rain wallpaper or windows with rain outside (not really easter, but i think it's time for some other weather!)
  18. Anyone know where I can find the Heart Cactus? I thought it was still in the store... didn't see it in Garden nor Furniture stores... did PS remove it or am I just not seeing it?
  19. Yay! Thank you for the hint Pedj—that made all the difference!
  20. Yep - do hope the diary will record gift giving and receiving to help us keep track. And the fish book - if it tracks what you have and need - I hope they keep the cc fish separate.
  21. what happened??????????? The hoodie/hoody/hooded sweatshirt was gone. My pet wasn't wearing his shirt anymore, and it wasn't anywhere in the room or clothes chest or anything. Just gone! Edit: THIS JUST IN: Sweet Pedja/Dixy just sent a new outfit for me pet. How sweet is that! Thank you my friend! Edit Two: BREAKING NEWS: "Oh, it's called a Newcomer Top!" she exclaimed.
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