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  1. Oh this is amazing...we've been waiting for these kinds of changes for so long! I hope I can log in... please please please... I can get in facebook now... but PS... come on PS... load please please please.... oh it's loading!!!!!
  2. I'm so glad they're putting new mystery items in the red boxes too.
  3. I think I have found two bugs. Circled in blue.
  4. Number 44 for MaMaShiShi please. :chaplin:
  5. I gotta go look at the spoilers... that looks like Jack in the Beanstalk?
  6. I can't log in to facebook. It's says there's maintenance. Same response on daughter's account.
  7. okey dokey. will send it over. edit - just sent, and am signing off for awhile. thanks!
  8. Bid in GMBs, 999s, Balloons, Cupcakes, Heart Cacti, or Tiger Petling. Dolls/Plushies for Sale: Tasmanian Devil (2) Snowman Grim Reaper Zombie Baby Unicorn Prosperity Teddy Food for Sale: Chilled Cranberry Juice Chilled Lime Juice Peach Soda Drink Apple Soda Drink Orange Soft Serve Hot Chocolate (2) Mini Festive Cake Cherry Ice Cream Set of 4 Giant Gumdrops (2) Furniture for Sale: City Girl Makeup Table Lunar New Year Wall Decor (2)
  9. Thanks dawnbrans, the next person will get a little green dino
  10. This train needs a jump start... it's been stalled a few days! So thanks tweet40, and the next person will receive a cactus doll!
  11. Thank you for the SWEET candy trade! Adding rep dearie!
  12. I would like: 1x You make my day 1x Secret Admirer 1x Be Mine Forever 2x Sugary Sweet 2x You make me whole 1x Let's meet 1x Extra Special I can trade you with a couple of plushies...
  13. I got the wallpaper, but not the floor. I'm mainly happy to get the fish out of my chest. I would've liked a more subtle wallpaper, and then the option to purchase shelves and wall stickers for a more custom look.
  14. I'm still collecting them, keeping a few sets, but the rest I cash in. At 33 coins each, it helps feed those little petling mouths!
  15. I am impressed with anyone who learns to write and/or speak a second language. Because we speak English growing up in the USA—I think the importance of a second language is not impressed on us enough. Most public schools do not offer foreign language classes until grade 8 or 9. (Age 14 or 15.) And then, it is only a one hour class, and you might take it for 2 years is all. I wish I would've had the opportunity to take a 2nd language from when I first started school. Just keep trying Lazar. I'm proud of all you young students in this forum who communicate in a language that is not your first language. You're doing a great job. Keep on learning!
  16. Good luck with the math comp! Let us know how it goes. If your petlings get out while you're away, we'll help you find them, so don't worry!
  17. and I'm a Petling addict. It all began just a couple short weeks ago. It was a Sunday afternoon, the time of day—in my part of the world—when new items show up in the village shops. I had some coins saved up, and was thinking about doing a little gardening, perhaps picking up some new flower seeds, and just see what comes up. So I headed to the Garden store, and what do I see there? An attractive new display, including two little furry bobbing heads. One says 'kitten', the other 'puppy'. Irresistible. All thoughts of seeds and flowers vanished and I found myself putting out 1000 coins for one of these bobbing heads. I chose a kitten and took her home to my front room. There her first 'words' were to ask for salami. Not having any on hand. I quickly made a run to the Food store and bought salami and high-tailed it home. I was tempted to eat the salami myself, but resisted and gave it to my new little bobbing head friend. She tipped it up in the air with her nose, gobbled it up, and did a little flip on the spot. Next thing you know she'd sprouted the rest of her little kitten body and was bouncing around the room. I named her LaiLai (which means 'little') and I was in love. Since then, I have made numerous trips back to that Garden shop. At first I was denied the right to buy a second petling, because my first had not grown yet. I saw that I needed to prove myself a worthy petling owner. I set about feeding and caring for my petling, providing her shelves and furniture to jump on, a yard to play in, a rug to lay down on. When I passed the three day test and my petling was full grown, I wasted no time getting to the Garden store to adopt a second petling. I told myself that my petling needed a petling friend. Every petling should have a sibling, right? But deep down, I knew it was me that had to have another petling. But no matter. All my friends were buying petlings too. And some already had two before I did. So I slapped down another 1000 coins and brought home my second kitten. This one, just as adorable as the first, but brown like me. What a thrill, what a rush. My little kitty looks kinda like me! Well, needless to say, the desire for kittens has progressed. I can't help it. I love the way they jump and flip, skitter across the floor, and my heart melts when their little tummies are hungry and they gaze up at me with those big sorrowful eyes and tell me what they want to eat. So, that's my story. Thank you for letting me share it. I now have six petlings, and am on my way to the Garden store for number seven. Thank you for not judging me. Please feel free to share your story, too.
  18. Sure Send me a f/r with NOTE, pls... will do Just sent 4999 item. Edit - spooky fish bowl received. Thank you for the trade. Adding rep.
  19. Sure Send me a f/r with NOTE, pls... will do
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