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  1. May I have spooky fish bowl for 1 x 4999?
  2. We've missed you... but if you're un-addicted that's not necessarily a bad thing. Real life is OK too!
  3. Sorry it was such a pain! Yeah, what's that about having a another pet in your house?
  4. Aquarium Room?!!!! I missed that! I was just saying in a thread a day or two ago that we need top be able to make an entire room for fish, whether it's a giant aquarium or wallpaper or some gizmo that fills your room with water! yipppppppeeeeeeeeeee
  5. Wonder if the new feature will change how we receive mail and packages then? Or maybe it will also keep an archive of who gave us what, and what we gave who? I just hope it doesn't add another ICON to clutter up the SCREEN!
  6. REally nice items. French bakery... yAY - hanging flower baskets!!! Been wanting something like that! YAYYYYYY! Nice new windows and doors, and deep sea diver... gonna be FUN!
  7. Nice. Doll is OK, but really like the flowers. Tea tray nice too!
  8. What a fun glitch! Wish the lottery would show up as often as Hideeni!
  9. . recived and sent ty yep - done deal - thanks! adding rep.
  10. Am I crazy? Those clouds moving by make me ever-so-slightly motion-sick as they float by...
  11. Oh this is really tragic. She had so much experience, but an accidental fall into the water can get you in trouble. So sad. She was probably doing what she loved. What a unique career.
  12. Thanks/ The next person will get a Mayor Doll.
  13. All 4999s received and Bunches Wig sent. That was the quickest trade ever! Thanks! Rep added too!
  14. ShiShi uses a white iron with her pink ironing board. I use the word 'uses' loosely though. I should say, ShiShi uses her pink ironing board as a place for her white iron to rest.
  15. We've had a mild winter here. (Seattle.) No snow—yes, in the mountains, but not locally. Some cold days, but then we've had a bunch of really mild, sunny days. Crocus are out. Some of the trees are starting to bloom. Haven't seen the sun today—must be hiding behind the clouds. But can't complain really.
  16. ShiShi and I aren't very good cooks. I have empathy for you.
  17. That is a bummer. Definitely contact the moderators and give them as much info as you can.
  18. I think the attraction of black pets is mainly that black is not available, and only Hideeni and that guy in the Mystery shop are black—it's unique. Any unavailable color would be exciting and unique—black is just the most obvious... unless someone decides to hack purple polka dot or something. The cheating and hacking—most people aren't going to quit playing PS because of others' hacking and cheating. I think as long as the hacking doesn't get way out of control, the game will continue to be developed. It would be nice if Playfish could put a stop to it. But what can they do? Other than banning people that are caught, what action can they take? It would probably take a lot of resources to clean up the cheaters and hackers.
  19. Thanks guys. I like the boys room too—and before that I had another boys room that I liked really well... maybe because I have two teen boys. I'll have to add the girls' room... forgot about that!
  20. oh your mask is so pretty - nice job making it! bet you were the belle of the ball!
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