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  1. MaMaShiShi

    Its Official

    I want more, but I don't want more mouths to feed! Part of the appeal is that it's like a mystery box. You may know you're getting a kitten... but you don't know what color and what ears, tail, etc will look like. So it's exciting to see what you get. I think I'd get more if they were a little calmer too. All that jumping around is crazy.
  2. Glad you are keeping up with your studies. We won't forget you.
  3. I wish I could gift it—because I already have a Penguin Baby. Not that I mind having two... but certainly could've given one away.
  4. Well, I didn't get many responses from my boys on what free apps they like. They mentioned the obvious: some kind of IM like yahoo or google and there's an app I think is really neat. It's called Bump I think... or that's what it does. Two iTouches that both have Bump can be Bumped together to transfer pics and other files from one to the other. Fun to play with. CNET is a good resource http://download.cnet.com/mac/ You can search for free apps or search by other categories or criteria. Good luck. (Son's ipod touch still missing... )
  5. Chillin' Room (no longer exists) Foyer/Sitting Room, around Valentine's Day Bathroom Front Room/Living Room Boys' Room Beach Hat Shop (no longer exists) Cake and Gift Shop (no longer exists) Treehouse Playroom Girl's Room Green Bedroom Sweet Shop - inside Sweet Shop - outside, ShiShi with LaiLai Under the Sea Room Back Yard - Rose Garden Front Yard - Ranch/Orchard Cabin, Hideeni visits Play Yard with puppies, Razz and Tsuzi
  6. These are really nice. My favorites are the pink kitchen and the first garden!
  7. Thank you. The next person will get a koala.
  8. I'd like to buy one classroom chalkboard. (2 x 999)
  9. How about one chest - but with separate tabs for different categories, like clothes, food, fish, household, etc... I don't want to get rid of my fish, but don't have room for all the tanks I would need. I'd like wallpaper in different designs that are actually giant fish tanks. Or giant fish tanks that take up entire rooms. Or rooms you could fill with water and make into fish tanks, so you could have fish swimming around everywhere, in decorated rooms, or in an ocean or pond or swimming pool...
  10. I'm not fond of this idea. I think Playfish is missing the mark here. I like the idea of Eco Wear—but these designs are more Hobo than Eco. This is just picking up garbage and getting dressed with it. Might as well put these in a shop that looks like a dumpster. If you're going to have Eco Wear, then let's get a little more clever with it. How about using the newsprint idea, but making a stylish dress out of it? Make pants that look like tire tread, not just a couple tires that stick to the legs. How about a cardboard vest with bottlecap buttons? Eco Wear is a good idea... I just don't think these designs are it. Make designs for the environmentally conscious pet. Or call these what they are, Hobo Wear. Out of all of them, I only like the take out food hat, and the duck ring—neither of which fit Eco or Hobo. The hat is just funny to look at, and the duck ring looks like beach wear.
  11. Why are your lips moving but nothing is coming out?
  12. Do you think they did it on purpose? Then again, how do you make a mistake like that? Just never know what goes on at PF!
  13. I don't think I'm lucky enough to get more than one... and I can't gift it to you!
  14. Makes me wonder what other mysterious things might be found in the mystery boxes...
  15. Picture for drooling purposes: I put him in the boy's room for now. He's there on the far right in the black recliner. And unfortunately, he's not giftable. I should've taken a screen shot - but didn't think of it - when it said I'd opened the GMB to reveal a Penguin Baby - because the picture with it, is not the Penguin—it's of the egg before it hatches!
  16. I was just opening GMBs and was surprised to find a Penguin Baby! This is the one that was sold in the cash shop as an egg (WWF) and after a few days it hatched and you end up with the cute little penguin that flaps its wings. So how'd it end up in a GMB?!
  17. All 4 999's have been received and all 4 dinos were sent. Just added rep. Thanks Lucky!
  18. I can do the dolls, but I don't have a spare window. 4 dolls for 4 x999?
  19. That's right - a half of a mushroom!
  20. —not the big tree thing, just the small mushroom shelves for the wall
  21. This mask says 'celebrate!' —the colors are shiny and vibrant, and the feathers are luxurious. It's ready for fun and maybe a little romance. Nothing scary or shocking. (found online)
  22. cute, but is that it for the furniture? no bed? no shelves? no caveman art?
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