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  1. I opened a new account to get the new items, and then PS crashed shortly after I had dressed my pet in his new clothes. When I logged in again, the hoodie was nowhere to be found. waah.
  2. do you still have the outfit? edit: oh i see Tiddly just asked for it. that's ok. I started a new account to get the new items, then PS crashed on me. When I logged in again, the hoodie was nowhere to be found. My poor little pet just has his pants on. heehee
  3. The seeds finally showed up in my chest. I haven't been counting, so I don't know if I have all of them—but happy that some showed up!
  4. I'm thinking PS just wants to keep pulling us back into the game whenever we're doing something else on FB. It's outta control!
  5. No seeds in my chest either, though I should have several by now. Those dialog boxes are behaving badly too.
  6. It's like a nice little 'starter home' setup. Cute. Maybe PS is getting ready to remove some of the old items, like simple table, wooden door, etc—and replace them with ones that fit more with their updated illustration style. You'll notice everything is getting a little more detail, a little more color/highlights, and more 3d looking. Getting away from the 'flat' looking art. (Compare the old caveman shirt to the new caveman shirt—so different!)
  7. This should not be a cc thing. That's really too bad.
  8. And where are the seeds? It says I got a flower seed or vege seed or somethin for doing something (I can hardly keep track!) - but there are no seeds in my chest! What's the deal??!!!
  9. Hmmm. Sometimes the dialogue boxes are not cooperating. They only show up half way, no submit button... ugh. Ever notice how if you answer your own thread and no one else is, it's sort of like talking to yourself?
  10. OK - so it's awesome we get 50 coins now for the first 50 pets we visit... but with the new message coming up ' would we like to share and give our friend a gift' message... it's taking longer to visit pets. I want to give you all something for sure... but an extra box to click and wait for... ugh! I do like the little coin icon that shows whether we've collected coins from visiting that pet or not.
  11. Okay, I just figured out something on my own. So for anyone who is trying to figure this out—on your facebook page where you post your status—use the lock icon to customize your settings, and check the box that says 'make this my default'. That's what I was looking for. I guess when I want to post my status to more people than my 'Pet Society People' I will just have to adjust it then. But for now this saves time and headache with all these extra PS FB postings. Does anyone else think this is a little too interactive with FB?
  12. I can't figure out how to fix my privacy settings in FB. I shall try to describe: I have a group of friends called 'Pet Society People'. I want Pet Society to post to your walls and streams all the posts about Hideeni and lottery coins and such. But somewhere along the way, before facebook changed, I had this 'Pet Society People' group blocked from seeing personal info and photos and such. Now when I get a message while playing PS - that says 'post this to your friends wall?' there is a lock icon—and the default is to only post it to my 'Friends who don't play PS' and to hide it from 'Pet Society People'. But I want it the other way around. I want to hide it from my 'Friends who don't play PS' group and post it to the 'Pet Society People' group. I don't want to have to change this setting each time the dialogue box comes up. But as much as I've tried to change my FB settings, it doesn't seem to affect what shows up in the dialogue box. Anyone know what to do?
  13. Don't give up Lazar! You are young and have much potential. Just keep working at it. And don't get down on yourself. We've all blown it when it comes to tests, exams, comps, grades, relationships... the list goes on! It's what you do with your failures that makes you who you are.
  14. Thank you esperia - you're very sweet. Group hug everyone!
  15. I may be of the minority here... but I'm not really liking that green furniture. I do like green, but it's kinda overkill. But I'll hold my final judgment until I see how all my talented friends decorate their rooms. I might be pleasantly surprised! I do like what looks like will be in new mystery eggs? And some of the smaller items and accessories. Bears are cute as always.
  16. Good ideas. A purpose for the brush would be nice - and another way to earn coins. Easy quests would be fun too.
  17. I think I will stick to drawing bears, I am no good with a needle! Your bears are very cute, and must be very well made. It's a great hobby/lifetime commitment to bears!!!
  18. According to the the PF forum, the inactive friends eyes are closed. The active ones eyes are open. Not something you can detect at first glance. And if they're wearing glasses or a mask...
  19. I have never really paid much attention to the points. I guess it's not a big deal to me. I'm level 44 right now, and 82 out of 231 friends. Seems I have loads of friends who are level 47. What I miss mostly is knowing who is active or not—as once in a while I weed out friends if they aren't playing anymore. I do like that it doesn't matter coins-wise who I visit... and now I'm back to visiting all those poor pets with empty rooms so the process goes faster. And no, I never visit EVERYONE...
  20. Me too! We have two tiny bathrooms at our house—barely enough room to turn around in, let alone have any kind of designer feel to them... maybe someday!
  21. I was able to log into FB, and then PS too—it looks great guys. Hang in there - you're gonna have fun when you get in! I am thrilled to have an organized chest!
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