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  1. I was moving one of those bunnies around a room today - you know the free/gift ones? And I noticed the bunny has a shadow that's a few inches to the right of itself... Very weird!
  2. I got a gift that wasn't sent by someone too. (did you get that?)
  3. Oh good! That's a relief! Hope they have fun dating!
  4. I vote they slow down and take this relationship one step at a time. I didn't even know they were interested in each other—and next thing wedding announcement! What happened to taking time to get to know each other? I'm all for romance—I just think this couple needs to be very sure about what they're doing before they take that walk down the aisle. Besides, if Kasi gets married, the hopes and dreams of many young lady pets will be dashed and broken! Oops I just realized the actual question is if Kasi is Tiddly's boyfriend. I'm OK with that. But my opinion on wedding plans so soon... well that stands.
  5. Love the sunset wallpaper—nice to see another option besides the pink or purple or blue. Like the furniture, windows, etc
  6. oh dawn - you are so full of love love love! thank you!
  7. just sent 1x3333 - thank you for the trade!
  8. Thank you Computron! Rep for you too! Sounds good. I have 1x3333 item I will send over. I think I need to add you in f/b...
  9. Yeah, mostly I just laugh (and/or gag) when listening to any 80s music. Every other decade tops the 80s music-wise.
  10. Haven't had much luck with MBs lately. Looking to trade for these items: Brown Teddy Plushie thanks for the trade Compututron Letter Cubes thank you Dawn Prince Doll thanks for the trade Foxpoly Rainbow Skateboard Decor thanks for the trade Compututron Cute Mushroom Decor thank you Dawn Chihuahua w/ Sombrero thanks for the trade Compututron Let me know what you've got. Only looking for one of each.
  11. Oh that's funny Tiddly! I so remember that! And somehow I hear it in Cyndi Lauper's voice! I'm hoping it's not a small room like the treehouse, etc... I hope it behaves like a room divider—so the kitchenette takes up a third or half of a regular room, and the rest of the room is whatever you've made it to be. On the other hand, as cool as it looks, it takes away our creativity to have it altogether like that. I would like to see some other kind of room dividers. It would really make things interesting. Even some of us who lived through the 80s aren't fans of the 80s! I'm not crazy about the zebra furniture, but I like the guitars, guitar cases, boom boxes, etc. Yeah, you can never have too many guitars!
  12. I'm still trying to get Ursa Minor, Pink Shooting Star and Blue Shooting Star. (By the way thanks to Computron for posting those images, I didn't know what I was missing!) I have trouble with Hideeni gifts sometimes, and lots of times with the seeds, saying that the seed was for someone else. And then there's the mysterious flower seeds from the galaxy...
  13. I don't know how I missed this comp so far - but I love it. Great idea.
  14. nice! love the sleeve style - looks comfy!
  15. MaMaShiShi

    urgent project

    MaMaShiShi is a MaMa.
  16. so much new stuff - i can't keep up! too many MB items i haven't gotten from previous weeks! ugh! but some cute stuff if i can find it.
  17. I like your room but, we don't say olé in méxico, olé it's a word used in spain in bullfighting[/quote] That's the only time Olé is used—in bullfighting? Vosoti au. (Means 'I'm sorry' in Fijian.) Thank you for correcting me. I'll remember that in the future.
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