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  1. That's a rough place to be. All I can suggest is to talk to the superior, carefully explaining that to accept this project means that you will be putting in time that won't be compensated for. And to accept projects like these, devalues you. You might say that you will accept this project as is, and maybe give your superior a reason like 'because you're in a bind' or 'because I know it's important to you that this gets done' but then also put some boundaries on it so that you have some protection from being put in this spot again. Like 'I will do this project, because I know you're in a bind and it needs to get done, but in the future, I'd prefer not to do this type of project, because the compensation for it is not fair.' It may be hard to approach your supervisor this way, and it may not get the results you want, and you might also have to consider the risks involved... can you afford to take on less work if he stops offering you projects?
  2. Since when did Agony Aunt start working in tech support? Dear Auntie can you help me too?! It's the multiple clicks in facebook that are bugging me... 3 clicks to send Fabric or what-have-you... and no way to stay in FB and go through the request list... it just starts up PS and then I have to go back and do it again! Help me! I want to click for people but I can't stand this!
  3. OK, I'm a little annoyed here at how this works. I'm fine with it being collaborative and all that, and I'm happy to click for people... but in the list of requests in facebook, if I click on 'Send Fabric' - the screen comes up and I again click on 'Send pet society request to So-and-So'... and then another screen comes up, and I have to click again on 'Send' ... so three clicks—but if that's not bad enough, it takes me straight into the game, when I'd rather go back to the list of requests and finish up all the requests before I go in the game. Is there a work-around?
  4. I think they could have done better with the flags. I just got an Italy flag, so it hasn't been removed yet. I don't understand why they wouldn't have flags from the other countries added in—especially South Africa. I really like the South Africa flag, and it's the host country! But no South Africa flag from Hideeni! What are they thinking? I keep collecting hoping they will add new countries... but I think I will just be collecting repeats.
  5. You guys are cracking me up even more than I crack myself up!
  6. I can't help it, but every time I see This Wig... I think of this TV character, Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae), from 'Facts of Life'. Separated at birth?????
  7. Funny little thing I noticed yesterday. I got the Kitchen Utensils from BMB, went to put it in my room, and discovered it is now a wall item! Um, these things used to be an object to sit on countertop or shelf...
  8. I quit buying a cc awhile ago—just can't afford it when we have bills. I just try to keep the attitude that I really don't need the cc items—they are there, and they're very cool—but I can enjoy them by visiting my friends who have these items. When my pet visits other pets with Pegasus... I get to see him and enjoy him a few moments, and move on. And I love the bears that roll around—I enjoy them at my friends house and move on...the cc items don't have to be in Your House in order to enjoy them. Visit your friends secret rooms... I know you don't get to decorate them, but you can hang out for awhile!
  9. It's funny—I liked the grey mouse better when I saw the post about the glitch... but when they replaced all the blue mice, then I was kinda bummed because the blue mouse was kinda growing on me. Hopefully we will see the blue one in the future.
  10. Nice story of friendship - thank you for sharing!
  11. oh they were CC? bummer! I just saw one in someone's room and didn't remember seeing it, but reallllly liked it. guess that's what happens when I quit buying cc and quit even looking in the boutique!
  12. Looking to buy Noble's Bed and Noble's Table if anyone has them. Thanks.
  13. (belated) thanks for the giraffe plushie! May I have the Arabian Pants?
  14. I think Lin Yao had: Starter: Potato Wedges with Cheese and Bacon Main Meal: Chicken Tikka with Rice Pudding: Cupid Ice Cream
  15. I've been liking the game a little better lately... well, having been addicted all along... but the improvements have made it so that I can usually earn enough coins to buy what I want. Of course I can always find things to complain about, but they're never enough to make me want to quit the game. My unsolicited advice is this—spend less time in the forums reading about all the hacking going on. It only fuels the frustration. Glitches are going to happen, some will get fixed, some we just have to put up with... and some mistakes that PF has made, they will learn from it and improve on it next time around. If you have hackers in your friends list, un-friend them. You don't need the frustration of seeing all the stuff they get for free, or items they get before they're released. It irks me to see others that do these things. Report them if you can, and then delete them and be done with it. Play the game the way you want it to be played. Play the game with people who play fair and trade fair. Avoid the sites and forums that promote hacking.
  16. The hacking is frustrating, but I wonder how any company could keep up with it—I wonder how the hacking of PS compares to hacking in other online games. Is there this much hacking going on in other online games? Is it the popularity of the game, or is it easier to hack PS than other games? I don't play any of the other PF games, though I've tried a few—does all this hacking go on in RC or the others?
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