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  1. good choice for headwear... just the right touch of gold.
  2. Wow - so many friends. I was up over 200 and thought I had a lot. I am in the process of cutting back. I'm trying to figure out who is still playing and who is not.
  3. Wow. I'm gone a few hours and this thread goes crazy! Yes, those two pics are both dandelions. And yes, 'weed' can also be interpreted to mean the illegal 'mariuana'. And definitely yes, I love gerber daisies! I also totally 'get' the sentimentality of a handful of dandelions picked fresh by a child and given to mommy. So sweet. But for goodness sake, we're celebrating Easter here. Again, I say 'dandelions... really?'
  4. Well, if they hadn't named it Dandelion Pot maybe it would've fooled a few people... But I must make the best of it... I guess there's always a weed or two in every garden and this little collection is no exception.
  5. Yep, those little lambs are cute alright. I had the privilege of having a lamb named after me! Way back when I was just a little kid, our cousins had this ranch and a little black lamb was born on my birthday, so they named it Kathleen. Is that sweet or what?
  6. Cute in a "we-ran-out-of-flowers-and-dug-up-these" kind of way...
  7. I have the bronze trophy for sticker collecting. Only two categories are all silver/gold—plants and food.
  8. Cute pic Shalott - thanks for sharing. Your pet is waaaay cute too. I've only see one little brown lamb while out visiting. Very cute. I was swearing off any cc spending, but now I am reconsidering.... So welcome to PSFC Shalott!
  9. A dandelion is a WEED! And that's our 7th potted plant from the egg greenhouse? A WEED?
  10. How strange - this just happened to me now! I think if I hadn't have read about this glitch here first, I would have really freaked out! But everything was fine... I just went to another room and came back and everything is there.
  11. ShiShi was trying on outfits today and popped the wig on her head- same thing happened... not a pretty sight!
  12. that IS scary. nothing missing in my neck of the woods.
  13. YAYYY! That is awesome—a real accomplishment! Pat yourself on the back and keep up the good work!
  14. Oh, and the hammie is pretty cute, but I'm deeply disappointed that the lamb petling is a CC item. I posted a couple weeks ago that I was hoping they'd have a lamb petling for Easter... and they did—but I just can't be spending real money right now. Waaah.
  15. I like the new organized stores - not perfect - but better, and hopefully better as they add new items. I'm happy to know my pet's actual birthday, as I couldn't remember... just knew it was early 2009. As for the 'sex change' - ShiShi knows she's a girl even if PF doesn't!
  16. I have long hoped that playfish would sort the shops better and divide them up in sections like this. It is disconcerting at first, and I think it's going to take a while to get used to and find what I want, but I'm hoping to get used to it. I think in the long run it will be better when they add new items, we'll know where to go. I don't agree with where they put some things, but it can't all be perfect either. And I really wish they'd put all the cash items in one store so I can avoid that store altogether! I don't like seeing the cash stuff mixed in with the regular items, but then, that's how they're getting money...
  17. out of ten boxes i got a white crown, black crown, blue throne and 7 delicious pies!
  18. hee hee - yes, the dishes are safe and sound. they made it through the night without anymore beeping. oh i can't imagine going to an 8hr conference after 4.5 hrs sleep.... hope it's the shorter one, or you'll be snoozing by lunch.
  19. It was the dishwasher! Seems like it would be obvious, but it's not. It's the weirdest thing. It just beeps once every couple minutes. And it's hard to tell where it's coming from. And I don't know WHY it beeps. And my husband and son were standing RIGHT next to it when I asked where the beeping was coming from, and they couldn't tell either. Now I can go to sleep.
  20. I am trying to figure out what the beeping noise is. It is coming from the kitchen/family room area. This has happened before... but I cannot find the source of it! It's driving me nuts! It's not the portable phone. It's not the other portable phone. It's not the oven, or the microwave. It's not my cell. What's beeping and why won't it stop and why can't I find it?!!!
  21. I planted three—and all came up pink! I already have one pink chocolate egg. They sell back for 85 coins. (I checked, but didn't sell it.) I don't plan on planting more trees, so if anyone wants to swap eggs when they start growing, let me know. I don't need a lot, just want a couple of blue and white to go with the pink.
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