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  1. Thanks lea, inquiring minds want to know...
  2. Finally... tree seed number 19 is a Sakura Tree! It took 19 to get ONE!
  3. Have I missed something? I saw one of those upside-down bento box hats in a pet's room. Is it a new eco item, and if so, is there a thread that shows the items? Also, is there a thread that shows all the food you can get from the bento boxes?
  4. Really nice theme and items. I'm liking it a lot. But I'm afraid it may be a little overwhelming all the new stuff being introduced - like collaborative items. It all gets a little overwhelming... feed petlings, send gifts, collect gifts... and somewhere in there I need to visit pets too!
  5. ShiShi is hear to remind you What Not To Wear! See my avatar if you have any questions. Thank you.
  6. I have planted ten trees (two rounds of 5 trees each) trying to get the Sakura Tree... no luck! My next round of five will be full grown tomorrow... oh it would be nice if even just ONE came up a Sakura! Good thing I haven't been into the prom items too much... I wouldn't have any coins for tree seeds.
  7. ho hum is a good description. I might buy a couple things, the dresses are nice... not real excited about this week.
  8. It's the penguin baby (that hatches I think)— the black one that moves its wings. I was really surprised. I'd forgotten about that—and the weird thing is, I just went through my rooms and chest looking for it, and I only found one penguin in there. I had bought one when it was in the cash store, so I already had one. and this 'glitch' happened after the item had been removed from the store. I remember thinking I wish I could give it to someone since I already had one, but it wasn't giftable. so just now I was looking through my rooms, and only found one penguin—in room 7 'the boys blue room'. do you think if they fixed this glitch that the second penguin would just disappear?
  9. clothesaddic - thanks for your reply - I'd forgotten all about this post—it was from February! I've since managed to get a bluebird. But thank you anyway, and welcome to PSFC!
  10. Hot or Not (in Mookie's humble opinion) ShiShi is keeping her little green palm tree lamps because she likes them! Hats off to you (pun intended) for this fun thread—keep it up!
  11. there's a secret room where you can grow tress? or do you mean you made them into bonsai?
  12. oh dang. i thought we'd be able to buy a specific seed for it, like the valentine day tree... so it's luck of the draw... and i have to wait three days to see what i get. ugh.
  13. My Easter Trees all came up pink. I've got 10 pink chocolate eggs that I'd like to trade for 5 blue and 5 white. I may not be around today much, but I will get back at least by tonight to check in. Thanks!
  14. Just came back for another look... can we all say "99 Paper Cranes!" in unison?! And I just noticed the words... Mystery Bento Box !!!! I'm already salivating!
  15. So many nice items. Great theme. Really colorful and beautiful. Two thumbs up! Esp like the Shiba Inu, Wave painting, Sakura Tree... oh heck I'm not going to list them all. They're all great! And how did we ever get by without a RICE COOKER!!! It's perfect!
  16. And this is one of the 1 gazillion reasons why I gave my vote for dawn for a VIP membership! Yes, Dawn is fabulous and generous and Bailey looks great as a REDhead! Thank you for the sleepy cat hat Dawn!
  17. That is all. MaMa wants ShiShi to know what it's like to have a cat sleep on your head.
  18. I'm still clicking hideeni. You can add me in FB if you want. Make sure you include a note.
  19. Oh that's funny! But too bad about the stink in the carpet. You know, I have a product that will help you get the smell out. Just send me a couple 4999 items and I'll send it right over.
  20. I bought the pink bathroom stuff for my 6 yr old daughter's pet. She'll like it. But I am so surprised that the pink set, being TWS, costs less than the other sets. Black looks the nicest though.
  21. I'll make use of those cleaning items if I can get them. I've been working on a room that is half kitchen, half laundry....
  22. I don't know when anything gets released, and whether they will come out with the hobo wear or not. I had thought maybe they would have those things for April fool's day. Also, I don't know what's wrong with the word Hobo - they use it already 'Hobo Headwear'. It never occurred to me that Hobo could be politically incorrect or derogatory. Hobo was simply what one called the homeless back around the days of the Depression. Transients who traveled by hopping boxcars, looking for work. It can't be racist, it's not associated with any particular race. Just guys who are down-on-their-luck. In fact, the word hobos is probably better than other similar terms which tend to imply good-for-nothing, such as bums or vagrants.
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