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Everything posted by fath87

  1. bang RGSukan... gambo profile picture tu mahal ohhhhh
  2. wah.. long time not post in here.. so nice can come back in this forum.
  3. Embrace yourself, HWCM Dinner is coming...
  4. congratz on your haul and yes these are all nice cars. Keep more of 'em coming, and share 'em here.
  5. the poison is strong this one
  6. Yet to see that green Circle Trucker.. not in the market or coming soon?
  7. i like this kind of custom. neatly done.
  8. old is gold they say. this nice haul i say. congrats. hehe
  9. For 2013, no more green stripe for T-Hunt as it will be identified by a small blue flame logo. For example, get a 2013 Bread Box and you'll notice this blue flame logo at the side of the body.
  10. wah nice haul! congratz bro!
  11. That Factory Sealed Ken Bolck.. Have never seen it before..
  12. I'm sorry to hear bout your lambo that was stolen during the dinner...you must be frustrated huh? anyway, nice catches u got there though
  13. congratz. keep more HW coming!
  14. super haul! congratz on your awesome haul
  15. Other Zs??? Damn... Weh, get it loose la...then can fight with your Evo
  16. Fuhh bro..white+red+orange haul...nice2.. congratz ha.. And love that loose $uperized Camaro too.
  17. Fuhh....these are awesome! mostly JDMs. Love that Teal Skyline though.
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