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  1. Alfa Romeo B.A.T.9 concept car 1955 This one started out as a fleamarket beater. I did a "mild" built on it as it's a pretty funky design straight out of the packet. Went through the usual prep: dis-assembly, strip, casting cleanup and primer. The lower body was painted silver and the upper body a pink pearl nail polish, metal foil was used for the chrome trim followed by clearcoat. Glass was restored using "Future" type floor polish. Wheel swap was a challenge since the wheels are so skinny and are completely inside the body, so very few wheels will fit this casting. Managed to find a Jada pickup with skinny wheels and they just fit the BAT9.... it almost rolls. Interior was sprayed black to make the blue glass work better with the pink paint. Thanks for looking.
  2. Paint, foil, Maisto wheels and a lowered front end... Welly did a good job on this casting. Thanks for looking.
  3. HotBox... or MatchWheels... PeterSlider I built this as my entry in the Creepsterz may-june Truck comp, everyone brought their "A" game, so I consider myself lucky to scrape in a 1st place win by a couple of votes. My entry started out with a beatup fleamarket Matchbox Peterbilt truck and a packet fresh HW backslider for the trailer (just visible behind the truck). Other donors were a Jada GT40 hood to fill the gap where the backslider cabin was cut off, and 3 garage 8crates donated the wheels. Both castings were stripped, cleaned, de-flashed and primed. The black plastic truck base was painted with Alclad 2 chrome to match the Backslider and the bent exhaust replaced with alloy tube. The backslider was cut down to allow room for the truck wheels and the hitch post positioned so that the guards of both truck and slider lined up. Truck and slider were hit with silver, salt (as per the "salt technique" for weathering paint), blue, white, 600 grit wet'n dry, foil for the aircleaners, horns and lights. Front bumber got a black and yellow "get out of my way" paintjob followed by a light sand. The slider tray was painted metal grey, a black wash applied and drybrushed silver. Then everything except the wheels (you gotta keep your rims bling!) got rusted up real good using pastel powders in alcohol. Now I have to find something to put on the back of it. Thanks for looking.
  4. Drag truck ok? Deora KoolWheelz Papercraft
  5. Threw together this '55 Gasser for the "Saturday Night at the Races" competition on the Hobby Talk forum. It's another mild build... paint, wheel swap and foil for the chrome trim. Paint didn't work out how I planned, I added a layer of primer for realism, but it stuffed up the look I was going for... well....paint and learn :-\ I think I'll also remove some of the dirt and just leave the rust. Pics as entered.... Thanks for looking.
  6. There is a source of wheels that could be relatively cheap..... depending on postage cost from the USA. 6 sets of wheels for US$6 http://www.mini-motors.com/product.php?productid=911
  7. There were more entries than I took photos of, but here are some of the PRO entries Pro Mild: Pro Spicy: Pro Wild: Pro Sets: Elite:
  8. Ok, some more pics..... these were my entries in the kustom competition: Won 1st Diorama Milds: The Mustang won 2nd. Spicy: Blown Torino won 1st Wild: One of them won 3rd... (wasn't expecting to win anything in Wild so I wasn't paying attention )
  9. Hi guys, just thought I post a couple of pics from the convention in anaheim. I went to enter the kustom competition, and I ended up with 4 medals: 1st diorama, 1st Pro Spicy, 2nd Pro Mild and 3rd Pro wild. I took a few pics, but I am sending this via satellite from the middle of the Pacific and it takes forever to upload anything and costs a small fortune, so I will post more when I am back home. My favorite of my entries, Sesame Street Racing Diorama: Pic of me getting the 1st place medal for the Diorama and wearing my HWCM 3rd aniversary tee shirt I will post more later
  10. My entry in the March 2012 "Shoebox" competition at Creepsterz The WIP pics at the end will show most of the mods: Roof cut into 5 pieces for the Chop Wheelwells reshaped to look more "stock" Trim extended to back of car Exhaust cutouts filled Grill opening filled to fit the "Purple Passion" grill. Paint is glittery nailpolish with purple candy highlighting the edges, and chrome foil applied before the 2 pack automotive clear. Wheelswap to a set of whitewall RealRiders Interior was left chrome because I felt it suited the the shiny, blingy look of the car. Work In Progress pics Thanks for looking.
  11. Love the details.... Tow hooks....cool
  12. Thorrr


    This was my entry in a competition on another forum where the casting had to be the "Fat Fendered '40" The casting left me largely uninspired but I could eventually see it as a Rat. Bodywork involved chopping the top to bring the roof down where it should be and getting rid of the hood to make room for the blown "MadFast" engine with a trio of Maisto 97's in place of the ridiculously large scoop that engine has. 72 years of wear and tear was painted on to the body, crystal clear headlights and tail lights fitted, Mexican Serapes thrown over the seats and the whole lot was then dumped over a set of steelies wearing redlines. Thanks for looking.
  13. Cut'n Candy Twin Mill 3 Since the Twin Mill 3 has sort of become my signature cast by default, I use it to experiment with paint techniques, and this is the result of one of those experiments, a apint technique I call "Cut'n Candy". First it was put through the usual prep - paint strip, remove casting flash and general soothing and cleanup and a nice rubdown with a scotchbrite pad. At this stage, it would normally be onto primer, but not this time, instead the headlights were masked and a small diamond bit in the rotary tool used to grind lines into the surface of the casting, and then several coats of clear, rubbing down between coats to get the surface smooth again, and then yellow and red candy, the masking was then removed and the final 2 pack aturmotive clear applied. Because this was only an experiment, I did not apply all the required coats of clear before the candy, so the surface is not as smooth as it should have been. (Getting the clearcoat smooth before applying the candy gives a better finish because the candy will not run into the low spots, making it darker in the gringing spots) Pics of Cut'n Candy with a non-custom TM3 Thanks for looking.
  14. Thorrr


    Thanks guys, glad you like it. Yes, carbon fibre is a waterslide decal over silver paint.
  15. Thorrr


    NutMite, a Hypermite I built for my friend Fordnutter, who has in the past expressed an un-natural attraction towards the Hypermite. Just a mild build, metallic truefire paint, carbon fibre bits and a wheel swap to HW Racing slicks. Looking at the "Sky Tower" in Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks for looking.
  16. Thorrr

    Pink Boney

    Since I haven't got much new stuff, I'll post some older builds. Maisto 1960 Pontiac Boneville A little out of proportion height wise, but still a really nice casting. I originally built this car as an entry for an online competition for "PINK" cars, but by the time I got it clearcoated, I was just not happy about how the outline of the pinstripe decals could still be seen and was undecided if I would enter it. I thought that another coat of clear might help hide the decal edges, but no sooner had I sprayed the fresh clearcoat and a *&%@#* moth lands on it, leaving a smudge of moth dust across the back of the car. I entered a pink taildragger in the competition instead. Kustomization: Paint is pink nail polish with panel edging in clear purple and clearcoated in 2pac automotive clear. Pinstripe decals. Chrome foil trim. Wheelswap from another Maisto car. Thanks for looking.
  17. This XB Falcon was the convention car for 2011 Diecast Expo held in Queensland, Australia. I went and met some fellow customizers, and picked up a couple of extra XB's while there. If anyone is desperate to have one, I would sell a couple of mine.
  18. Thanks guys, glad you like it. Blower came off a "1BlownRide"casting... similar to this one
  19. This was my entry in the 2011 Hobby Talk Kustom Kontest..... it WON. The competition runs for a month and everyone has to use the same casting, and I stripped the casting straight away and put it on my desk for inspiration. Other projects and obligations got in the way, and with only 1 day till the deadline, it was still sitting on my desk in all it zamac nakedness. That evening, with 16 hours till the deadline (the deadline Australian time was 2PM the next day), I looked at the casting and decided to do SOMETHING with it... so I found wheels and a big blower, opened up the base to fit the big slicks, cut open the hood for the blower and cleaned up the casting, fitted a cage from a Maisto car to the interior and that was it for that evening. Next morning, with 4 hours to go, I got into the shed and started priming. 2 hours later I was looking at a candy purple paint job with truefire, that looked absolutely terrible.... only one thing to do, get the sandpaper out and start again, and an hour later with just 1 hour to the deadline, the Torino was covered in a gold/red metallic nailpolish fade over a black base, and I sprayed the intercoat clear (quickest drying clear I have). With minutes to go till the deadline, despite the still soft clearcoat, I managed to gently piece together a "dry build" to take pictures. At the back you can see the huge gap between the base and the body and it had no chrome window trim.. that is how it got it's title "Some Assembly Required". After the paint had hardened, I applied foil for the window trim and gave it its final 2 pack automotive clearcoat and....... finally...... assembled it. Thanks for looking.
  20. I like the colour you picked.... I have a pink one in the works too, and it's a colour that really suits that casting. You must have a steady hand to paint the chrome trim that neatly
  21. WOW .... that looks fantastic... love the colours, love the graphics.... I want one
  22. Thorrr

    Triple Shakers

    It would probably look a bit like this: /t5417-mad-n-mild-boneshaker
  23. Thorrr

    Triple Shakers

    Glad you like them, guys. The colours look even better when you hold them in your hand, because they are sooo metallic that the colour changes when you move the car and get bright highlites.
  24. Thorrr

    Triple Shakers

    Triple Shakers A set of 3 Mild Boneshakers, each with a different colour fade. Wheelswap from Maisto and foil for the trim. Thanks for looking
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