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Everything posted by shariez888

  1. dude, pm me red amazoom
  2. anyone got extra AE86 scion fr-s and FnF6 Daytona to sell? pm me ur best offer. thanx guys!
  3. no words can describe how awesome ur custom mr danielh! salute!
  4. walaweh, awesome haul u got there man!
  5. ohai guys! i'm still new in customizing HW this is my first time customizing this casting. i am still wondering how will the front bumper will be. i'll be posting the WIP here. i think it will take long time before i manage to finish this custom, hehe
  6. awesome man, you never fail to amuse us!
  7. gosh, that rims!afsafdasfadgsdhdagafah!!! awesome mang!
  8. happy chinese new year guys!
  9. fuh, semua pun "bergetah"! good luck bro!
  10. agree with titaniumboss. we all shall "puasa", then later kita sapu semua bila dah discount! haha. too bad sandakan only got two place that sell HW.
  11. encik santonie,, u never fail to amaze me! awesoome!
  12. guys, just wanna ask, is tomica limited skyline 2000 GT-X is considered as rare? i just saw a couple of them at the toy store at my place.
  13. shariez888


    nice concept man.. hehe!
  14. thanx a lot guys! really appreciate it, cheers to all HWCM members. happy hauling to all of you too!!
  15. i dont know. never see it at my place,uhuhu
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