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Everything posted by lee1

  1. Back from me hols had a great time was scorching hot every day I think I had a hangover everyday to are well back to reality now
  2. same here still aint put bike on road think the intrest has well gone bikes just sat there gathering dust
  3. stay safe and ride safe all Im off on me jollys now couple of week in Rhodes see what the weather and beer is like
  4. The copper played the oldest trick in the book most cases like that are through peoples own admission I would of taking it to court there was no evidence it would of been thrown out
  5. you been looking through old photos Today it would be full of vans trade stands
  6. They could hit me in the face anyday
  7. jammy sod saying that I do have some important meetings in Rhodes from Saturday for a couple of weeks enjoy it mark
  8. why would it shock you Dave is still riding well done to them
  9. nice one chad similar thing I did with me old 600 bandit silver base coat then candy blue then some really fine metal flake not to much though looked brill
  10. it looks broke sure ya will sort it out after ya fixed the computer
  11. lee1

    saying hi..!

    welcome to the forum
  12. [quote="stantheman"]best days of my life fishing with my lads lee make the most of it mate they grow up fast [/quote Tell me about hes 15 next don't know where the time has gone
  13. Those hoses look well had cheap levers on mine for ages no probs at all
  14. some nice carp from me and me lads days out took me 20mins to land the biggest put a right good scrap up
  15. nice 1 dave looks like ya had a good day out
  16. lee1

    Hi all only me

    The holiday is in 4 week off to Rhodes
  17. nice 1 chad seem them with very high milage on and still going strong
  18. lee1

    Hi all only me

    Hi all thought Id better come on and see how you all are not been on for a while took a bit of a back seat from the bike scene lost me mojo a little so took the bike off the road and tucked it away How is everyone hope you are all ok and packing the miles in with all this were having apart from work and more work been fishing and more fishing lol just trying to spend more time relaxing by the local ponds had some good days carp in double figures will post some pics when I figure out the comp lol anyway hope your all ok
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