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  1. Here's the first picture of my Nice new LC , I bought it From Ham Yam in Chester le St the total price was £1366.66 that was the finance and a years insurance ( £127 ). You can tell I hadn't had it long the mirrors are still on . Mm can't get picture to upload , Dave watch out for 5 pictures uploading
  2. I did think about it but I've got other stuff on , enjoy .
  3. No to a bunk house cos Dave gets up at 5:00 am :-)
  4. I've got some throw over panniers you can borrow ,
  5. Yeah it was a good weekend ,with some cracking roads , well done lads , I had a ride to Mallam Cove then headed back , roads were hellish quiet I got back about 9:30 then about 1:00 we had a drive to Leyburn .
  6. Iam sure there are sockets , they do have electric in Yorkshire you know .
  7. Alreet Marra ! welcome to the forum Mate , iam often through Jarra with work , usually in the middle of the night , hope you get that bandit sorted .
  8. Ok, I will try and get there for about 3:00,I am gonna have a steady ride down might stop at Hawes for some food .
  9. What time are we allowed in the bunk house ? And what sort of time are people going to be arriving .
  10. twitter next then .... I can't do twitter either
  11. I think I would of showed his car the side of my boot , then fooked off
  12. Mark , will we be riding over any of these nicely tarmaced Tour de France roads ?
  13. Well we were going to tag along for a while but by the time we got to Keswick there was no sign of youse , so we stopped at that filling station cafe then we headed down past Windermere through Kendal then back via Appleby and Barnard Castle think it was just over 200 miles for us , hope you had a good ride back Dave .
  14. I had better lay off the JDs or I won't be getting up in the morning . :-)
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