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  1. This is earliest message from him now!....This is getting quite annoying =( 'so that you last word the amount is 155000000 milion dollars and that is not a dream because i will meet you after travel to your country' obviously this person is trying to groom young girls/boys
  2. Hey everyone. So for the past 2 weeks i have had messages from some person talking to me. He claims to want to talk to my over email and he said that he has some business over in the UK(Obviously got that i was from the uk from somewhere...) that he wants me to help him with and it will make me alot of money. He keeps asking for my details to my visa so he can send me some cash...... A big NO NO!! This is NOT true. He just wants to steal from me or pass my details on... PLEASE...if you have a random message from a person then please dont answer it....They just started off generally talking to me and now this happens. I tried ignoring him but he keeps spamming me... Dont trust anyone! I have reported him and everything but facebook isnt doing anything about it....or they havent read my report yet...but he keeps bothering me and wont leave me alone....iv tried blocking him but he makes another facebook and messages me from there.This is really creepy and i hate it Just please be careful! If anynoe has any information on what i can do about this person then please help me out.... Thanks for reading this
  3. I love the new changes. Apart from the front page with all the snowflakes....Makes the page lag abit :pen: Im in love with the new smilies and colours tho!!
  4. Soo tomrrow...On 4th december...Me and my bf have been together for 5 years! What a long timeee! So...I went up the dentist the other day and they said i need another root canal and filling etc....Sooo now i have to go back for that.....BUT Iv gone and booked it for saturday which is tomrrow...Which means ill be sedated on our anniversary haha! Not to worry tho.....Im not scared of the sedation...I actually like it and im looking forward to it....Mikeys just looking forward to the 'peace and quiet' although its notmally him breaking the quietness haha. Anyways... We are going to go out Monday so thats all good. I just cant wait to get my teeth sorted because i have bad tooth ache right now and its been like that for over a year now because the dentist has been sending me backwards and forwards =/ Anyhowww....Off to go wrap some gifts and do whatever i have to do...Christmas is coming up really fast and by the look of it.....Its in 21 dadys <<<<<<<< HAHA Hope everyone is having an amazing day Fingers crossed that everything goes well at the dentist tomrrow....although when they have injected the stuff into me i wont care if it does or dosent haha
  5. Aww thanks for the ideas everyone. Im surly taking all thease ideas on board and im going to go look all thease ideas up now. I hope i can get him a pressie for christmas day =/ Ugh and iv just thought...i need to get something sharpish cause we have been together 5 years tomrrow haha
  6. Hummm very true. They do have some little minature cars that yiu have to build up yourself....Sounds like a good idea for a stocking filler =D.
  7. So this is more for the lads but for the girls aswell... So my bf is 23 and i havent a clue what to get him...Anyone got any ideas? Hes into computer games, lego(Models) misfits and all the other stuff men his age are in to..... He dont want jewlery and he has alot of deodrant and body cosmetic things from my family and his family so what else can i get... Ideas anyone?? oh and does anyone know where i can get cheap polymer clay...Pm me that bit tho please
  8. Aww thanks everyone for your kind words. I did think about selling thease but im thinking its going to take me a very long time and alot of money to start the little business so im just making them for family and friends right now. Are you making some as Christmas Presents? That would be a fab idea! Iv made a few in the past and gave them away to people but kept the photos on a cd...but where the cd is...I havent a clue.I dont have enought money to do it this year cause it costs quite abit to get all of the items i need for the case. I will deffinatly post a photo at christmas when i have the ipod cause its down my mums and shes wrapped it up along with all our other xmas pressies. She cant let me have it tho cause they are supposed to have been taken by santa....according to my little brother haha.
  9. Aww thanks everyone for your kind words. I did think about selling thease but im thinking its going to take me a very long time and alot of money to start the little business so im just making them for family and friends right now.
  10. aww thanks everyone =D cant wait to get it on my ipod now haha
  11. So my parent have got me an ipod touch 4g for christmas and it just has a plain silver case....So i thought it would be a good idea to get a case that i can design myself so its unique and it also stops the ipod from getting scratched.... This case took me 4 hours last night to out together...no lie...My fingers are sore and its such a hard task getting all of the gems and decodens in the right place....But now iv done and im please with the finished product... Opinions please
  12. Princess Mia really wants the new mon petit cheri outfit but dont have CC Can someone trade with me? If so how much would it cost me? I have 999, 3333, in store coins....and w/e else haha
  13. Princess Mia is deffinatly having the Sugar Plum Fairy Set. Shes going to look like a true princess in it!!
  14. You dont see emos in your town? Omg they are everywhere in my town. All over the uk actually. You only have to go out and you see them. My sisters one =D. I love their sence of style! Think it really rawks. To be really honist i think im getting more emoish everyday but without the attitude =P just the dress sence style =P
  15. Thats Lucky. Im glad you have spoken your mind there. Saying it looks abit ott....But thats maby cause i have my hair straight. It looks much better with my hair curly hehe. Yeh massive bows are in right now but only emo's wear them really because i think everyone else thinks they either look to big or they clash or they are just scared to be different haha. Anyways..i love it ahah and i just want to be different and stand out from the crowd. Im going through the stage where i just want to be different and some people dont like my trying to stick out. The person who is making fum of the bow is someone who couldnt pull anything off. I mean they are not fashion friendly at all...They wear trousers over their tummy and tuck their tops in....How wierd =/ Anyhow...Thanks for your opinions guys and gals =D. Realy means alot to me to hear my friends opinions =)
  16. People say that the bow in my hair looks stupid =/ Well one person actually...The rest say they like it and it looks nice but dont know if they are just trying to be nice. Can someone tell me 100% truth please hehe =)
  17. Thanks so much for this Lisa. What would we do without you huh! Your like the lady with all the answers =D. Thanks again and if you ever need something then just ask =D
  18. Here is princess Mia's attempt to match her orange wig. The orange really brings out the nice shade of her skin. This might be a new look altogether for her...For future fashion =D
  19. I SAW IT! i was like OMG you know its xmas now. And when they play the xmas songs in the store...thats when you knows its oficially nearly xmas. BRING IT ON!
  20. it just there for kids from 5-13 to go and play. They have things like air hockey, Chalk boards, art, Snooker etc. Its just a playgroup really
  21. yes that helps alot. The thing is. They are police checked but the thing i really wanted to know was could there just be family running it. Why i say that is because if anything happens to a child, Like it gets badly injured or physically or mentally abused etc...then family would stick together wouldnt they? There should be a law against it somewhere to say that ALL of the people running and helping CANT be family...There should be atleast 1-2 people who are not in the family =/ Thats what i would have said anyways....
  22. Aww thanks Lisa that would be amazing. They are 5-12 year olds. Could you ask what checks they would need to run the youthgroup and also can there only be family running it, or does it have to be a mixture of family running it =) Thanks again =D
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