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  1. Hey guys are gurls. Iv been on and off since christmas but i havent posted so im sorry abuot that. Its for various reasons but im here now and im here to stay! See you can never get rid of me :pen: So anyway! Hows everyones finding 2011? Whats everyone been up? Iv been here and there sorting personal stuff. Trying to sort my house out and throw stuff away but it seems everytime i come to throw stuff out i think 'I need this, why am i throwing this away' and then put it back down. Im really bad like that. Iv also been trying to find places for my xmas pressies which are still all in bags in my living room. The thing is...I hate unbagging my christmas gifts because once i do i never find them again! Its like the house fairy takes them away!. So anyway, Enought about me....What about you?
  2. Oh my goodness! I love that mon petite cheri stuff! What a shame its CC =/
  3. use avast and get a anti spyware like spybot. Go throught your facebook settings and see if there is any apps that you dont recognise. In the meantime put a message on your facebook telling everyone not to accept anything from you until its sorted and also dont log into anyting just incase its key logging. You have to be so careful with thease things. Thats why i dont accept many apps.
  4. I hate hospitals =P. When i was younger i spent most my time in there with different reasons. Brings back bad memories and my grandad died in there aswell. I just hate being in hospital lol...Besides i wont be able to be on here haha! If i have to have it done, ill have to go tho =/
  5. Thanks everyone who has helped! I have got an absys and they have put me on anti-Biotics to help the swelling in my face go down and also make the absys go away, If it doesnt go away in 2 weeks when i finish my pills i have to be referef to my local hospital which is New cross (Lisa =/) and then get a general anasthetic(Put to sleep) to have an extraction =(. The bad thing is....Swine flu is actually going around new cross which is really worrying =/
  6. Yeh i know that =) I v got an emergency appointment today at my dentist in my town so hopefully they sort it all out. I hate the dentist and i know they are going to want to give me a needle to do the filling but no thank you haha. Im just going to tell them to do the work without the needle...I know its going to be really painful but i hate needles to the point that ill pass out if i see it come anywhere near me =/
  7. Iv have found a site on how to report them. Being as tho they are not listening to me when i take the problem up with them then there is no point in talking with them again. Iv filed a report to the NHS and im also going to send the dentist a letter so they can see what im going to be doing. I still havent had my tooth done now and iv had to stick out 3 days with the nerve being exposed =(. I was on the phone to NHS direct which is where you can phone if you need help with health issues and they say i will have an abscess which iv had before and i didnt catch it in time and my face swole up like a balloon...Serious =/. Im deffinatly taking them to court tho because they have ruined my teeth and iv had enought. Something needs to be done about them to stop them doing this to other people.
  8. I was really ill and my filling fell out just to add to the pain i already had. Oh joy. 2011 is going to be bad =/
  9. So this is the 3rd time now that this has happend and im getting really angry with it. The dentist i go to is the Bhandal dentist practice in Cradley Heath (Lisa may know where that is) Anyways i go there because they do sedation...not very good sedation because i was awake through the whole process and heard them talking and i could feel what they were doing! So anyways 1st time i went i had to have a root canal which i was totally asleep for and cant remember a thing!. Then had to go back cause the cap they had put over the tooth came off! So that was the 1st. Then had to go back because the cap wasnt fitted properly and it was giving me really bad pain. And then 3rd time i had to go back cause i had to have yet another root canal done and some filling.....while i was under sedation...I woke up a 1/4 way through and was totally in pain with them drilling etc...they didnt bother putting me back to sleep with the injection. They decided to leave the injection in my arm (Like the cap type) and then i felt one of the dentists knock my arm....the needle came out and then went back into a different spot on my arm. They just laughed it off and took the needle back out and put it back into my nerve =/ .....But this time the root canal isnt the problem. the fillings are. one of my fillings have come out AGAIN! and now the tooth has a gaping hole in it and is exposing the nerve!! Now i know this is not good but iv packed the tooth with cotton wool so it doesnt get any food in there... and also keeps the cold out to an extant. Im in total pain right now and my body feels like a chemist from all the painkillers i have taken! Iv had enough and im NOT going back to that dentist! I refuse to! So now! I want to report them and go to a private dental practice and get my teeth done properly at THEIR expence. So my question is....Hot do i report them? cause this is rediculous. Im in so much pain now and cant get anyting done till Monday!
  10. Not to keen on thease items. Most of them need cash coins to get =<
  11. Oh my goodness Charie...Oh my goodness! You are like amazing! I was like so shocked this morning when i logged on and im faced with the bear.....I was like so happy...Smile from ear to ear and i just couldnt believe it! You have made mine and princess's christmas a great one! Im like...Well i cant explain it... Just all i can say is thank you so much! Have a great christmas!
  12. Haha well iv never heard of milk and cookies hehe, Thats so wierd how different parts of the world leave different things. Do you leave a carrot and milk out for the reindeers? I know its not real but i have to do it for my little brother else he goes crazy haha, My brothers just been to morrisons and they are selling 'Magic reindeer food' for £1. The money goes to a charity. So hes just gone and bought 3 of those for the reindeers haha. What i laughed at so much is....it sayes on the front....' Not for human or animal consumption' LOl. I nearly fell over laughting!
  13. Cookies? Do you leave him something else then cause its normally mince pies and whiskey haha... My brither leaves him milk because apparently santa cant drink whiskey cause he cant drink and fly =P LOL
  14. So its nearly christmas...Everytime i look at the clock on the left my mind goes crazy and i feel really excited etc!!! I really cant wait to get my ipod for christmas =D So anyways back to the subject...... Santa will be on his way in 2 days so iv been out today to get ALOT of xmas shopping.....Food, pressies etc.... I picked up something different for santa this year.......I bet he is sick of the sight of mince pies and whiskey.... So iv had an idea.....this year im leaving him this!(See picture) I always have to leave something every year cause my little brother comes round and yells at me if i dont haha....So i have to leave it on the side and eat some and drink some just to make him think that santas been
  15. I couldnt get on yesterday to get the new limited item and now time is up I was hoping i could get on before the time was up and i was wrong...I really wanted that teddy bear aswell...
  16. You know what...I did write a letter to santa this year and he replied haha... Thats only cause my little brother asked me to write one aswell and see if he wouldnt get me some hello kitty things because my brother couldnt affort it with his pocket money....Bless him. Sop anyways... i decided to write one with him and my bf replied and sent it back to his house....Like posted it throught the door and walked off haha.. Its when kiddies get a letter from santa...their faces loite up so much!
  17. Oh my goodness me. I really hate snow...Like REALLY hate it,,,It come down so heavy overnight and i really dont want to go out now haha Im going to be a grinch this year and cancle christmas :smiles: This was the view from my window
  18. So iv just saw the countdown again and it says 12Days 12Hours 41Minutes :cane: im so excited...Thats totally kickstarted my day!. Cant wait till all my family see what i havent got them for xmas and even tho its only something little i know it wil be something they will like. Im in the process of crocheting my little brother a sockboy =D I hope he likes it cause its taken me 2 days to do the head and body and to sew the zipper on haha.... Just have to do the arms and legs and put him some eyes on and im sorted. Oh the joy of chriatmas! Has everyone got all their presants ready to give out?or are you like me, always decide to leave it till the last minute and be rushed haha...I only have to get a few more tho and im done for this year :pen:
  19. Yehh, Well lets just hope he isnt making someone else go through it. I tried to block and report him but it wouldnt let me =/ Im not sure why. And then i told facebook about him and they didnt reply...so i had no ther option. I just have to keep checking my store account now for people who wanted to get in touch with me via facebook when they aint my friend =/. Thanks everyone...And rememebr...dont let him do this to you...
  20. I managed to find the privacy setting and he cant inbox me anymore cause you have to be my friend to inbox me =) If anyone isnt my friend then can they try and inbox me so i know its working please =) Thanks for everyone who helped me and alothough th is adding me from other accounts just to get in touch with me im not accepting any friend requests unless im expecting them Thanks and hope you all have a wonderful christmas. Please...if you do try to inbox me if your not on my friends list....PM me on here so i know you have tried and ill give you a little gift on PS just to say thankyou(The first person who pm's me only)
  21. Im going to make on of thease for my little brother..hes going to be so happy!
  22. Thanks everyone... Hopefully he has left me alone now but i very much doubt it....He may be in bed now...Hopefully he stops tho cause its really freaking me out now =(
  23. Update... After i told him i was going to take him to court for the harassment... He sent me a message like he was scared...lets see if he leaves me now lol
  24. Ok so an update on this.....This person is trying to make me open a visa for him....And give him all the details of the visa because he dont have 'enough money to open one' Iv messaged him back saying 'Either leave me aloe or im going to take court action against you for harrassment' Which is what he is doinf at the moment due to me telling him to leave me alone....He hasnt left me alone so thats harassment...right? This is madness... my facebook just wont block him cause he keeps making different accounts...and i need my messages on cause i have messages from various people about personal things.
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