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  1. Thanks everyone and thanks Jeanie for that information. I fount it extreamly useful and informing =). Ill be reading that again tonight and all the other nights till the 3rd =D.
  2. Its been like 3 weeks now and i still cant get on to Pet society. Iv missed out on all of the items which are limited.... Apart from last weeks as someone quite generously gifted it to me . Iv emailed PF and they still havent emailed me back. I emailed them again this morning which would have made it the 5th email iv sent and i probably wont get anything from that either. I havent even got any of the new Mb items or anything and im so sad because princess will be so hungry and dirty. Shes missing out on everything Is anyone having the same problem?
  3. Ok so after alot of stress and scouring the towns for jobs.,.. Iv finally got an interview! Its taken me ages but its in my town and they can train me up so im so happy. Its on the 3rd so can anyone give me some pointers on how to make it go smoothly? I havent had an interview for months haha.... WHOO HOO!!
  4. i cannot stand the new display. Its horrid and think they should take it away =/
  5. welcome back steph. Im so glad everything is ok with you are baby,
  6. I hope she is out of hospital soon.
  7. im deffinatly not bothering to do up my house. To be quite honist im thinking of stop playing pet society all together. Its so hard to get coins...So tireing...and im just fed up of it all. I might just stop playing =/
  8. I hate the new pet society. Its so laggy and i cant even move around the town. Its horrid What do you think about it?
  9. I think you should inbox me with a picture! Im so curious to see it hehe. Im actually crocheting a sackboy from little big plannet for my brother. I just cant do the arms which is really annoying because i really want to give him a sackboy and i promised to give him one for his christmas and i couldnt finish it in time and im so so sad =(. I hopefully can get it done for him soon but i dont know =(. Do you even sell your bears? maby you could make a sackboy and ill buy it haha.
  10. This is the album so far. I need to put a title in the middle but im hoping to do that soon when i think how to lay the title out =) And its really wierd. I just had to put thease pictures in because i thought they looked kinda professional =D Iv also put a picture of Ginger, My hamster in there haha! Hes out little baby =P
  11. This is what my settings look like. Im not sure why everyone can see my photos still =/ Maby my facebook is broken =/
  12. They are just normal links and it has the words 'Runescape' in them. They are links that let viruses and people into your computer
  13. Thanks lucky....I tried that but its still showing my profile picture when i try and view it from an account i made ages ago =/ Wierd
  14. iv tried that. Iv set them all to friends only and the profile picture is still there =(
  15. So i have founf out that my profile picture can be seen by everyone. I want it only to be seen by my friends... Does anyone know how to do this? Im really fed up of people messaging me saying either they like my pic or saying mean things =)
  16. yeps well thats another link thats going around aswell. Iv had that and i just block the poeple sending them =/. Its not their fault tho cause if they click it it sends it out to others automatically
  17. Hey guys, I heard some time ago about a link that people are posting and its a hack link. This link is SUPPOSED to be something to do with Runescape which is a game that alot of poeple play. Little do people know...This link is NOT going to get you free game....Everytime poeple click the link its giving them a very nasty virus and key logger(Logs all your passwords and emails and also any bank details etc) that wont get picked up by an anti virus. The person who posts the link knows thats its a hack link and they get all the details in a file on their computer...Little do they know, The site they get this from is also hacking them at the same time and taking the details they have on their PC from other people. My friend got this virus before and he had to do a total format on his computer. Iv just been messaged on facebook with this link and iv blocked and deleted the person right away. Im also reporting the person as they are trying to send this link on. My advice to you is DONT get reeled in by this. The person will tell you that you can get free thing from it...its deffinatly NOT true. Well the only thing youll get free is a virsy and key logger but you will loose account and even money throught this. Please do not click on this link and deffinatly dont let the person talk you into clicking on it. Thanks for reading this.
  18. Iv just been thinking...There is not less then 1 week until valentines day and i still havent got my boyfriend anything. This is what im thinking: Iv just ordered some photograph prints on the internet and they should be ready tomrrow....But im going to pick them up on Wednesday. Im thinking maby i should get a nice photo album and put the photos in there for him I wonder if he will like that? What are you getting your partner for valentines day? What else could i get him
  19. Aww. I went through exactally the same thing as you a couple of years ago. Its really hard loosing a pet and when you have to make a discission to let him live or sleep then its heart breaking. I used to have a dog and i loved this dog so much. He was like my brother. That sounds wierd because he was a pet but to me...He was a human if you know what i mean. Id tell him my problems and hed just sit there and listen (Even tho he was just sitting there i feel he was listening) and it made me feel better. I used to hug him and kiss him when i was ill and id get better. I even used to share HIS chocolate drops out...1 for me and 1 for him haha.(It was safe, It was dog chocolate but its the same as human chocolate for people who have diabeties....No sugar in it) Then he got ill and my parents would let me go down because they knew it would break my heart...Then one day he wouldnt move, eat, drink and was looking weight rapidly. They decided to take him to the vets and i looked i hugged and kissed him so much and cried so much. When i looked in his eyes i could see his pain and he was telling me that he was in pain so he wanted to sleep. My nan made the discission to let him sleep as when he was younger his tail got slammed in a door and cut it off...So nan kep him after that because mum was scared of my hurting his tail cause i was only young. Anyways they took him to the vets and let him sleep. It was like my heart was wripped out and i was repeatedly stabbed in the place where my heart was....It was horrible,,,,This was just before he was put to sleep and my parents phoned me after... But the thing was...Im sure we had some kind of connection because the pain started just as he was put to sleep. Wierd huh,,,, He will always live on in my heart tho...As will your dog. Its painful but think of it this way....If your dog wasnt sent to sleep then he would be in so much pain now. Hes with the other dogs in heaven eating a big jucy bone and watching over you. Hes not in anymore pain now. Hes more then likley thanking you for taking the pain away.....Your a very brave person to deal with this the way you was....I didnt eat for 2 weeks after and if i did id throw it all back up....... ended up in hospital. R.I.P to all the animals in heaven.... May you all run, catch balls, Play with mice....eat, drink and dance. =).
  20. Thanks so much =) I hope someone can help me cause i love this room =/
  21. Im not sure how much to offer for it but i REALLY want it so if someone can spare the CC ill give them whatever they want for it....In reason obviously =) Thanks
  22. Thanks so much guys.... Im trying my hardest to stay off the site now. I told my bf about it last night and he said hes going to block the site for me so it wont let me on. Thats will help cause i dont know how to get on if its blocked haha. I know how a celebrity feels now when they have everyone picking at them for things. At the end of the day.....I love doing my videos and i have 380 subscribers and i want to keep them watching and commenting and coming back to me so im going to carry on. If not for my subbies, For myself because i love my videos, my channel and everything =). Thanks everyne for opening up my eyes =D
  23. OMG! this is so sad =(. Im acutally crying here. Im so sorry...R.I.P gina
  24. Hi guys. So you all know that i make youtube videos and have been for some time. This morning i logged onto my youtube and i had 3 inbox messages with links, All from the same person but on different channels and one on my channel wall. So i was really curious to know what this was....I wish i never had clicked onto it now It was a site that people post on who are really nasty and say mean things about 'Gurus' and every other person on youtube and i was on there. Thats what the link was. I dont even think about myself as a guru...I just do my videos for fun. So now im really sad and i really want to stop making videos because of it. Iv been told not to stop making videos because of people like that but its hard. I came across the site when my friend was on here but then i kept off it cause i knew that it was only a matter of time that i was on there aswell. I dont know what to do guys...Someone please help me out here
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