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  1. Hi there elfinshadow. I have contected Playfish and they are looking into it for me. More then likley just said that because they want to seem helpful. I contacted facebook aswell and i havent heard anything from them yet. My password wasnt weak but i think i may have been keylogged or something or got some kind of virus....Im not sure. I hope nothing like this happens to anyone else because its the worst feeling...having people go throught your games...My personal messages and even my friends. Iv checked my account security and its all secure now. Iv formated my pc to get rid of anything.... As for you sending me stuff.....Its fine...you dont have to. Princess will just have to sell her junk...Wash pets and do whatever she can to get some coins. Thats how it works in the real worlk right =P. It was so nice of you to offer and i wont forget your kindness. When princess is back on her feet then ill surly think of you and send something nice your way =)
  2. So just last week i logged onto my ps and noticed that one of my fox dolls from my bedroom had been stolen. an huor or two later my ps crashed out and when i went back in i noticed that another 2 of my foxes had gone along with more 'Rares'. I thought nothing of it as im a dumb blonde and i just kept playing my game as normal...Thought it was a ps bug or id misplaced them around my house.. After a few bling watches going missing aswell i kinda clicked on to either pet society was having a major bug or someone was getting on my account.... Then a few of my ps friends went missing and people were getting messages from me asking to buy their stuff...Obviously not me. So i changed my pass right away....Obviously someone had been creeping on my game...Taking my items and sending them to themselves or another account and then trying to scam people. iv changed my pass and everything now but id like to say....I know its someone who plays PS and i have no idea how you got my password..... My pc has been formated....Virus scanned....Spyware scanned and im in the process of getting a better virus/spyware scanner. If you know anyone who has been selling foxes, Wigs, bling watches or anything rare and has suddenly got them from out of the blue or has suddenly come to ps then please let me know. Whoever it is they have stolen ALL my money...All but 10 coins.....and all my rares and they left princess looking like a boy =/ I have emails PF and they are looking into this for me but WONT refund anything =( Not even the Playfish coins i recieved when my bbf sent them to me for a gift the other week and more rooms =/. Anyways ill let playfish handle it from here...But a note to everyone..Please be aware of things like this happening.....
  3. Iv got nothing planned what so ever. Not going out anywhere cause there is just no where to go =/. I feel really ill right now tho cause of these darn tablets so i cant go out anyways. Looking forward to tursday when i can just have my teeth out and be done with these tablets =(. Saying that tho...Im still nervous haha
  4. I didnt actually know that. Well i have some pills that the dentist has given me until tuesday then i have to take that sedative pill on tuesday that will make me very drousy everytime i feel nervous. Apparently that should help me overcome the fear of the needle. Im having quite alot of pain in my tooth right now but i only have to go until tuesday and they are coming out. I hope that will be the end of my dental worries
  5. I didnt actually go ahead with it cause i was fed up of the hasstle. Once everything is sorteds tho im going to seek advice on what i can do about them again. Iv just been under so much pressure and pain with my teeth i just couldnt continue trying to get the law suite against them.
  6. Yes its very aggravating. I just want to get these teeth out even tho im so scared!. Tomorrow morning i wouldn't be surprised if my face is even more swollen and i cant see a thing out of my left eye. It happened last time...That was the day i had to start a new job =/ I lost over £550 cause i had to have 3 days off =/ (Between me and my partner. We had the same job over the xmas period...Good wage that was =/) I just want it all over and done with now =(
  7. So i woke yo this morning and my left of my bottom lip felt huge. I thought it was just me so i went back to sleep. Woke up 2 hours later to still have the huge feeling on my lip. Looked in the mirror and it looked like id bit and it swole so bad. Through the day my face slowly started to swell and the left of my bottom lip gradually reduced in swelling but still stayed alittle swole. By the middle of the day my lip hurt so bad....My face had swole and my eye begin to slowly close! So i did what i had to and got myself up the dentist to have it checked out. Well firstly i booked into the doctors but that appointment was at 5.30pm and i wanted something earlier cause i was really worried by this time. Anyway the dentist done an emergency appointment and fitted me around a extraction (He froze the other person then quickly saw me). He told me that the swelling was due to one of the teeth that i needed to have extracted....He gave me some strong tablets called Metronidazole which i have to take 3 a day for 1 week... I have to have my extractions on Tuesday 3rd so hopefully that will help. He said an absyss had burst causing the swelling!! My dental worries just got worse =(. Hope i have some good luck soon =/
  8. Oh deffinatly WONT be watching it. Even tho i am British and i should really be excited i have to admit im just not bothered at all. All i see in the shops and all around is something to do with them. Its just plain annoying now. I just feel like getting everything and ripping it down and smashing it to pieces. Sorry but im just really annoyed that its everywhere and all we will see on the tv Friday is the wedding. im more then likley gonna go out on my bike alll day to avoid the tv and ride somewhere where im not going to see anything to do with them.
  9. Happy Birthday Pedja! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
  10. Haha. Well the person who i was trying to hide it from has stopped messaging me now so im not too worried about it now. Its wierd that you can hide everything else bout your picture =/
  11. Your a star Anastasia. Thanks for much =D. I knew someone whould know what i was going on about =P
  12. Hey guys and girls. Thoguht id come here to ask this question because i know its been spoken about before but i just cant find it haha. I want to know how to let people inbox me without being my friend on facebook if you know what i mean. Hope everyones having a great day in the sun. Im not because im in all day cleaning my house haha. Have a great day everyone.
  13. To be quite honist i cant wait for the royal wedding to be over and done with. Sick of hearing about it now.
  14. Love it. Now this is what my wedding i going to be like.... No quiet wedding....Im gonna be dancing down that isle and so is everyone else...if not then they wont be allowed through the door haha
  15. I dont bother with easter. Ill be staying at home as usual =)
  16. So today i checked into another dentist which my parents and siblings go to. I had a check up and they just checked my teeth and also made some moulds of my teeth. Turnes out i have to have 2 teeth out and a few fillings. Hes given me some tabelet called Tamzepan which apparently will calm my nerves...its like a kind of sedation. My appointment is for early day in May and then its about 1 hour to 1 hour and half getting everything taken out and filled. They are going to make some kind of tooth that is on a plate and it fits in my mouth and this is going to be used for temporary and then he said he will then make me another appointment to check my teeth and make sure the fillings and extractions have gone smoothly and then hes going to talk with me about a more perminant way of filling those holes with teeth =/ Im kind of scared still but i know this tablet should really calm me down. The dentist man seems really nice and they have a tv on the celling so you can watch it while they do the surgery. Just fingers crossed everything goes smoothly. Cant wait to get it done to be honist.
  17. Yep i was looking at them the other day Yvette! I came across it and couldn't take my eyes off them. I do have to admit they are quite expensive tho...But im saving for one haha
  18. i went through exactly the same thing but mine took 4-5 weeks to come back. it was really annoying because i lost so much stuff like the LE items and everything =(
  19. If you need anything then feel free to just inbox me and ill help you out as much as i possibly can. Hope you have a wonderful time here at PSFC!
  20. So this addiction started a few years ago when my grandma showed me a Helllo Kitty bracelet which was supposed to be for someone else...Little did i know she just wanted me to try it on so she could see if it fitted me properly. So she gave me that for a birthday gift and ever since then iv been crazy over Hello Kitty! My collection is gradually getting bigger and bigger and soon my bedroom will be full of Hello Kitty which is going to be my boyfriends worst nightmare. Iv got tins with Hello Kitty on, Cloths, jewellery, Make-up, Plushy's and everything with her on. Iv just this minute ordered me another Hello Kitty plushy which was the same as one i have already got but im hoping to get it another colour this time =) Im totally addicted to her and everything i see with her on i want! Iv become really addicted to her now and even tho im 21 i cant help it! Think i will be addicted for the rest of my life to be honist =D. What are you addicted to?
  21. Hospital aesthetic is when you go to the hospital and they give you a needle which sends you to sleep. They give it to you when your having surgery so your don't feel a thing. Then there is local which is just given to numb the pain and then sedation which is to relax you. There are others but i dont want to give you the wrong information because i dont know much about it.
  22. Im getting my bf to come with me so i wont be so scared. I told him i want him there all the way throught it. Hes good like that. He seemed really please when i told him just that i was going to make an appointment with the dentist to have it removed. Hopefully they let me have it done there and then. I just want it over with now because im all psyced up and want it done but come tomrrow the nerves will kick in again =(. Oh well. I have to face my fears and no doubt like everyone is saying it wont be as bad as i think it will be. I have to have another needle tomrrow anyways but thats not in my mouth...Its for a different thing and my goodness does that one hurt haha. Anyways ill let you all know what goes on and thanks for all the help and support. I really appreciate it so much
  23. Im on the sidelines right now. Half of me just wants to walk to the dentist and have it taken out but half of me still wants to go to hospital. I think to be quite honist im going to try my very hardest to have it done at the dentist just because im really terrified of not waking up and i can see in my boyfriends eyes that he is petrified aswell. Iv read all your comments and there are good points in both sides (Hospital and dentist) but im not quite sure if i want to take the risk of being totally put to sleep and a rick of me never waking up. Iv never heard of anyone dying when having a tooth pulled out but it does happen behind closed doors. I dont think i could put my boyfriend and family through something like that unless it was totally necessary Im going to take Suzanne's advice tho and take an mp3 and also ask them to numb me with that numbing cream first just so i dont feel it as much. I think i may make some kind of deal with myself....If i get this done then i can buy myself a nice gift or something...That should motivate me alittle =) Yvette in the UK you don't have to pay for treatment under some circumstances so i would have to pay for any treatment i have. I may go to the dentist today and ask them to make me an appointment....Ill see if i can push myself through the door. Its not that im scared of the dentist or anything...Its because if i see the needle or feel it then ill either faint which will be better for me cause i wont feel it or just get up and run for dear life! I dont mind the noises either. Iv had 2 root canals and both times i was IV sedated but im told there was a risk then but i totally didnt know. They never told me that to be quite honist. Im guessing with Hospital anesthetic its more of a risk tho =/
  24. He is there for me ad he dont want me to get hospital anesthetic but im just to scared to have needles in my mouth. just the thought of it sends me all shakey and wierd. I ddi try but i just jumped out of the seat. i tried closing my eyes and thinking i was somewhere else and it didnt work. iv tried everything to have a needle in my mouth and i fail!. Im scared just incase i dont wake up from the hospital anesthetic but should i take that risk? I feel so prethetic tbh
  25. If you need anything then feel free to just inbox me and ill help you out as much as i possibly can. Hope you have a wonderful time here at PSFC!
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